Before I left Trinidad for England a mate jokingly said to me, “beware men in white shoes”. What did I do? I fell for a half Italian guy in white trainers. Fast forward twelve years and we are now married with children.  He now wears grey or brown trainers, thank heavens for that. I think it looks smarter. I confess, I have a thing for men’s shoes and given half the chance, I’d probably wear a pair. According to research findings by Jacamo 51% of women use a man’s shoes to figure out his personality. I can’t remember doing that consciously but I certainly looked at them mainly access his style more than personality… I think.  Ever date, we’d have a new outfit. These days we rarely have dates, due to lack of childcare. Some days are so rough it’s a plus if we are both awake at the same time.  Courtesy to Jacamo, Hubby and I have discovered the joys in datenight in.


He can still surprise me

It’s hard to believe that after twelve years together, Hubby and I can still surprise each other, but we do. Although we both agreed to have a date night in courtesy Jacamo, he still managed to surprise me on the night he put his plan into action. We did do a few things differently due to how our family life plays off but it was still memorable. We put the kids bed and by 9pm our time was ours. He ran me a bath candles, music and all. I don’t normally have a bath, I tend to go for showers. Baths are an indulgence that I readily accept when they come my way. I slipped into the bath and enjoyed the sexy sound of Barry White playing on my Stelle Go Go Speakers. I have to say it was one of the best baths I’ve ever had. Perhaps knowing that someone has loving made the effort to put it together and with atmosphere.


Couple’s Time

After my indulgent bubble bath in i love Mango and Papaya bubble bath, I got myself cosy and ready for my massage.  The fragrance of Naissance’s Sensual And Aphrodisiac Massage Oil did the trick. It’s so soothing. It was just what I needed after my bath, the days stresses melted away. I love Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Patchouli!  Then Hubby and I snuggled up to a film. We were provided with a film but both Hubby and I had seen it before, so we found another comedy we both enjoyed. I had my cava, Hubby doesn’t drink. More for me eh. We both nibbled on our Thornton’s chocolates. It’s not that we don’t snack and watch tele together but for some reason, it felt more special that evening. I was certainly more relaxed and we both really tuned into each other. We watched our film then retired to together, no need for a pillow talk book …


Eeking out the special moments together

If you are struggling to get out of the house for datenight out, then have one indoors. I’d certainly recommend. It never occurred to us to try it before. That’s the thing blogging it gets you out of your comfort zone and trying new fun things. Thank you Jacamo. How do you keep the passion alive in your relationship? Ladies, did you look at your man’s shoes, the first time you met? What did you think? Guys, what do you think your shoes say about you? I’d love to hear your stories.



If you are curious about Jacamo’s shoeduction findings, or style advice from some dapper male bloggers pop over to their blog and for information on products, please go to the website.


 We were supplied with a date night in hamper for the purpose of this blog post.






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