Hubby and I had a date night yesterday! I’m still so excited and buzzing from our time together. It was as belated birthday/Chinese New Year/dinner date all in one. Coming to think of it… most likely, Valentine’s too! Late last year, after near  emotional and physical  burn out, Hubby and I finally accepted the offer of friends to babysit our kids in order that we go out together. We tried a few carers we knew but the children seemed more relaxed and happy with friends.  Since having children over the last three years, Hubby and I have been on four date nights. I’ve learnt, as when you are single dating is a practised art.


An Evening in London’s Chinatown

Our date yesterday was quite rushed. Hubby got home from work later than planned. I was shattered and grumpy from poor sleep and an art project with Angelo gone awry. I was feeling less than fabulous. My mate came round in time for me Hubby and I to quickly get dressed and dash out the door. I finished my make-up en route in the car (we drove part way)…  not very lady-like I know, but when  needs must.  I was never a ‘make-up person’ but these days I’m finding it necessary camouflage the signs of fatigue. (I tend to stick to natural tones most times, as I’m usually in a rush and I’ve not perfected my application. Natural tones give me a glow and my imperfect application hardly ever revealed.) Arm in arm Hubby and I commuted into London’s Chinatown.


What we ate

Chinatown was packed more that we’d imagined. I’ve only been there for Chinese New Year Celebration once many years ago, and never with Hubby. Like fishes out of water we settled on our favourite Malaysian restaurant, C& R Cafe.  The cafe has a simple decor with tables close together but the food is amazing. The last time we’d been there was early in our marriage.

Malaysian food (C& R Cafe)

We spent half our date talking about our kids and the other half on social media in between eating the gorgeous food. Old habits die hard, as ‘they’ say. On our way home, we stopped off for Chinese cakes and a couple souvenirs for the children. We probably would have had a desert elsewhere but a phone call home made us hasten our return home.



Angelo told his dad he wanted him at home.  Neither we nor the kids are used to being apart for long. Hubby was heart-broken as he works so many hours and has little time with the children. He spent most of the journey home looking at photos of the children on my phone. Many of the special moments with the children he experiences through the photos that I take and WhatsApp him during the day.

On Being an Interracial Couple

In total, we were gone for three hours but in spite  of self-inflicted distractions we both felt better for it. Simply looking at those photos concretized  in our minds our blessings and what we are ‘fighting’ for. You see, as an interracial couple we have certain challenges to face.

Admittedly, we have to re-train how to date and focus more on us… disconnect from the matrix.


(updated 10th May 2020)




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