A few weeks ago I pitched to trial the Cussons New Mum Firming Butter. I was successful and  received a 200ml tube to use and review. I’d used  products from their BUMP range while pregnant with Valentina and I was pleased with the results. So I was delighted to try their Firming Butter.  It’s stated on the website and on the product packaging that after 4 weeks with a twice per day usage, 78% of the 140 women who tired the product noticed improvement. I only used the product for three weeks and not always twice daily, but I did notice improvement mainly in my arms, cleavage and bum after using the Cussons Firming Butter but I’m happy.
Post Pregnancy Body

After Angelo was born, I was back in the gym after my 8 weeks check.  However with a turn in life events several months later, I had to give up my membership. I’ve not been back t a gym since. I went up from 12-14 to a size 14-16 since then but I’ve managed to maintain that size.  After the birth of Valentina I returned my pre-pregnancy clothes. While my size and figure are acceptable to me for now, there has been deterioration in my muscle and overall firmness of my skin.  I have a fair amount wobbly bits and silhouette. I feel no love  for my love handles.  I accept that I’d be expecting too much of a cream to give me a toned body but any positive changes would be a step in the right direction. I used the Firming Butter all over my body but concentrated on my arms, tummy, bum, inner thighs and cleavage.

The Trial

I noticed the most change on my arms, bum and cleavage area.  Perhaps these areas are being used the most during the day and less wobbly.  I’m happy with results especially as out of all the areas I’m concerned about, my arms and cleavage are the ones on public  ‘display’. Now,  I feel more confident wearing sleeveless and v-necked clothing. Although I must highlight that the product direction states, the  butter must NOT be used on the breast if you are still breast feeding. Silly me, I didn’t see the notice until I was almost finished with my trial. Nevertheless, I didn’t put it on my breast only my cleavage.  I combination feed Valentina so I’m not worried.

NOTE TO SELF: it is wise read product directions before use.

Unfortunately this time around I didn’t take any photos of my progress. I don’t think the camera would catch the subtle changes.  Still I pleased enough to get myself another tub and carry on for the rest of the summer months to firm up a bit. Here’s what I like about Cussons Firming Butter:
  • The rich creamy texture
  • The mild fragrence
  • It’s quite moisturizing (although not so much on my lower legs but that could be due to my regular use of sock, that area tends to be drier than the rest of my body anyway)
  • The container’s no fuss flip top
  • The quantity, if used as stated the 200ml should last for three weeks


In Conclusion

I like the sensitivity and care that Cussons puts into their Mum & Me brand. All the ranges show thought to what an expectant and new mum will need. They use good cutting-edge ingredients. In the case of the Firming Butter, the active ingredients are Oat and Marine Algae Extracts. It is said that they help to leave skin feeling tighter, firmer and more toned during use.  The 200ml RRP around £9.99.  It can be purchased in 100 ml container.  For more information on the Firming Butter and New Mum range, please visit the Cussons website.To stay in the loop on brand news you can follow them on Facebook.


Please note that this is not a sponsored post, however I was sent the product to trial for the purpose of this review.


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