In March I took part in a competition on Instagram hosted by Antidote Street  and Curly by Nature, AND won! The prize was Personal Consultation with Klerissa McDonald, the brand founder of Curly By Nature, along with Curly By Nature products which would be recommended based on my hair’s needs. I was super excited because it had been a years since my last professional treatment and trim. I was anxious to know whether or not my hair was still in good condition. The consultation was not to be face to face but it was done in two stages. Stage 1 was a very thorough questionnaire in which I gave information about my diet, lifestyle, hair concerns and goals. Stage 2 was a Skype chat with Klerissa. Based on stage 1 and 2 of my consultation, Klerissa recommended the Curly By Nature Intensive Conditioning Mask because I wanted strength and volume for my hair. Overall my hair was in good condition. When my package arrived it came in very nifty kit shaped box. I’d never received products packaged in that way. It’s a special touch by Antidote Street. The Kit contained trial size: Moisture Shampoo, Intensive Conditioning Mask and a Nourishing Gloss Balm. I had great results.

The Trial

I trialled Curly by Nature’s Shampoo and Intensive Conditioning Mask together. Klerissa advised that I use the treatment once per week for four weeks, then once per month. I was able to have two consecutive uses from the size I had. The Moisture shampoo would have lasted for three washes but it accidentally spilled (thanks kids!).

The Results

Moisture Shampoo: Absolutely loved the smell. Ylang Ylang is one of my favourite fragrances. It lathered really well. However, my hair had a crunchy feel during and after shampooing which I didn’t like. I don’t use a lot of products on my hair during the week and what I do use is usually more than 50% organic. I suspect this could be the reason that my hair felt crunchy. I didn’t have product build up by the end of the week. For best results, use the shampoo when hair has a lot of  build up or not colour treated.

Intensive Conditioning Mask: After using the Moisture Shampoo I followed up with the mask, applied to my damp hair. I covered my hair in two plastic caps and left it for 30-45mins, without heat. The mask is rich and thick, average slip. Depending on length, thickness and extent of tangles, it may be best to detangle before washing hair. I opted to detangle after I’d rinsed out the mask on the first occasion. On the second trial I detangled with the conditioner in because my usual shampoo is conditioning. After the mask as rinsed out on both occasions my hair felt fortified and slightly dry but that was temporary.

I followed up with my usually oil and styling products, then diffused my hair. My hair felt and looked full, bouncy, shiny, hydrated and healthy. Its an excellent product and would work well for anyone with dry, damaged hair or weak hair.

Nourishing Gloss Balm: I used the balm once, applied to my scalp and ends of my twists before putting my hair away for the night. It’s very light and not gummy. The balm would work on all hair types damp or dry hair, as a styling aid or finisher. Depending on curl pattern an holding gel maybe required for a longer lasting twist out or braid out. The balm absorbed quickly into my hair and give it a nice healthy shine. There is something for every curl type with Curly By Nature. Naturalistas who are mindful of the ingredients in their products will be happy to know that the  range uses 100% natural ingredients.

For more information about the brand and its products please visit the website. Apart from Curly By Nature, Antidote Street stocks hair and beauty and grooming products. Please visit their website to find out the full range of their products.


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