Valentina’s hair is finally growing and filling out. I’m so excited thinking about all the hairdos I can attempt when she’s older. At the moment, my main focus is on caring for her scalp and tender curls. We have a simple hair regime that I may will revamp in a few months.



A Simple Hair Regime

 Valentina is only five months old, so I keep the products to a bare minimum. I wash her hair roughly a couple times per week and at least on one occasion I’ll do a pre-poo ([pre-shampoo treatment) before the wash. For the pre-poo, I use any natural oil I have at home at the point in time such as: olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil.
Then I wash her hair with her baby head-to-wash.  Her hair always looks and feels silky and soft, but the curl pattern is smaller and denser than her brother, Angelo’s. Hubby thinks her hair has no shape and she’ll be upset with us when she sees her baby pics, in a few years time.. My mum and sisters think I should start curling it.  

Hair Styling

Today, I decided to give Valentina  her first curl hairdo. Admittedly, I’m very rusty styling girls’ hair. My sisters are now in their late 20’s, which was the last time I had unlimited access to little girl’s natural curly hair.

Here are a few photos of Valentina’s curls:



Valentina 5mths old


My Son’s Hair

Angelo used to have lovely cherub like curls, before I started cutting it. I used to curl his hair too in order for it to dry after being washed, much to hubby’s displeasure. I could never get him to understand that in the Trinidad it’s perfectly natural to curl or braid a boy’s hair.
Many boy’s don’t have their first hair cut until they can speak, or sometimes not untill they’re ready to start school. Angelo had his first haircut after he started saying ‘Da Da’. He was 15-16 months old.  Here are his pics when he was close to Valentina’s age:



Angelo 4-5 months old


Angelo 6-7 months old



Hubby and I think it’s amazing how two siblings of different genders could look so alike. Honestly, its not the same child. I assure you.


How do you care for and style you baby’s hair? Do you have any family or cultural rituals regarding your baby’s hair? Got any product suggestions for curly babies. Comment below.






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