Its been over a decade since Hubby and I visited Oxfordshire. Over the Easter weekend we decided to take a day trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens. Then, just before we left  realised we had been there before! In fact, the last time we visited the park was one winter 11  years ago, while we were still courting. The park has developed since then. Despite the cold wet weather we all and a wonderful time outdoors exploring the park grounds and seeing new animals at the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens.



Park and Play Area


The grounds of the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens is 160 acres with 300 species of animal. From the areas we traversed, I can say that the parkland is quite accessible. I’m certain I saw at least one patron on a mobility scooter. I think that gives an indication to how mobility-friendly it is. My only regret was not exploring the garden area properly. However, the adventure playground  and ‘skymaze’ is amazing! My toddler daughter, no not my little boy but my toddler daughter got me to hike up to the very top of one tree house with her.  Its twenty feet high! She looked through the window in wonder and said “Aww look! Forest mummy”.

I guess for a little person like her the parkland must look like a forest from up above. There were instances when I was anxious of getting stuck in the ‘skymaze’, times like that I wish I’d actually started my New Year’s diet. Needless to say we made it out safely. There is a ‘Mini Manor’ suitable for toddlers, as well as, swings and slides but my children like to venture where the bigger children are.




Poor me…  Angelo was bounding around making acquaintances with older children to work out  how to get around the tree houses and ‘skymaze’. He’s maturing so fast. Gone are the days when, like his sister,  he’d ask me to join him to explore such sites. I’m very proud that he’s brave and has the confidence to make his way round to figure things out.  These days he only calls on me when he gets stuck, which is why I had to draw the line when he wanted to climb a tree. I’ve never climbed a tree in my life and rescuing my son was not the way I wanted to gain that life experience.We moved on to see the animals.


Cotswold Wildlife Park





The facilities and grounds at the park are well kept and tidy.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone and more so parents even with tiny tots. The baby changing room and toilets were clean and tidy. I had no reservations changing Valentina’s nappy there. In fact the changing room we used was large enough for all four us to fit. Hubby helped me change her into warmer trousers while Angelo observed proceedings.  Is a beautiful place that all in the family will enjoy. I can only imagine what is must look like in the summer…

For more information on the events and facilities at the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens, please visit their website 

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