It has taken me some time to figure out what works for me to sleep well. Life sometimes makes a good night sleep feel like a luxury. Looking back at the times I complained about the afternoon nap my mother made me have as a child, I wish I could have those hours back. There are many reasons why people have a poor sleep; it could be thinking about the ‘to do list’, work related stress, financial stress, the list goes on. I’m going to focus on sleep disturbance due to menopause.


Reasons for Sleep Disturbance

I’ve had years of crap sleep. It started with the usual discomfort of pregnancy. Once the babies were born, it was the colicky crying, night feeds etc. Neither child slept through the night until they were in Reception. By the time they were sleeping through most nights, I went into perimenoupause.

The main reasons I experience sleep disturbance now is menopause related:

  • Anxiety
  • Disordered breathing
  • Hot flushes


6 ways to manage Menopause related sleep disturbance

I take a multi-prong approach to managing my sleep issues. My solutions are based on the reasons for my disturbance:

  • Swimming- it’s a soothing way to keep fit. I’m so relaxed it keeps my anxiety in check and fosters sleep.
  • Journaling-  On the days that I don’t swim, if my mind is busy, I begin winding down by journaling. Getting thoughts out of my head and onto the paper relaxes me.
  • Pillow Sprays & Pulse Point Roller Balls- when I discovered pillow sprays and pulse point roller balls my night regime was enhanced. The ones I’ve tried include lavender as an ingredient. If you have seen my snaps at the Lavender farm you’ll know I love the scent.
  • A Good Pillow-  honestly I could do better in the pillow department but the one I have at the moment has medium firmness to support my head and allows me to breathe better.
  • Dark Quiet Room- if like me you there’s no guarantee your room will be quiet because your partner snores, go to bed first when you can. You’ll be away with the fairies before they start blowing the fog horn. Additionally, eyes mask gives and extra essence to peace. It’s part of my nightly ritual and I think my mind knows eye mask on, time the zzzz.
  • Natural Fibre Clothing- I don’t experience night sweats every night. Nonetheless, natural breathable fabrics keep me cooling at night. So, if I do begin to sweat and I wake up a quick swish of the fabric cools me down and I’m back to sleep.


In conclusion

At the moment my new night time regime works for me. I tweak as needs be based on how my day has been. The one thing I do most nights is to use my pulse point roller and cover my eyes (and head, I’ve been a bonnet wearer since childhood)

How did you change your night time routine when your menopause came? Maybe you didn’t change anything, why was that? Comment below I’d love to hear from you.




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