Cleaner Beauty to me is more than products that are safe for me and my family. It is also beauty with a conscious, in my opinion. What do I mean by beauty with a conscious? Well, it’s a beauty brand that cares about its legacy and wants to have a positive impact in the community. Weleda is such a brand which is why I’m pleased to be a Weleda Cleaner Beauty Ambassador. Weleda’s products help me to diminish the nasties in my beauty regime. Not only will I tell you how, but I will I share with you other brands that I luv. Cleaner Beauty is gentle safe and community-centred.


Why so sensitive?


Our family has eczema (well except for Angelo). Hubby’s never had clear skin in all the years we’ve been together. Valentina’s comes and goes. As for me, my mine is triggered by fumes from cleaning agents (mum life) and skincare products with harsh ingredients. He’s  stubborn. He no listen. However, I can manage the kids.  Valentina looks to me for her cues on beauty and self-care which is why cleaner beauty is so important to me.

I like the idea that my children and I can use the same products. It feels like we are sharing in a ritual of self-care and wellness. We are nature lovers. Fragrances that remind us of flowers and fruits are among our favourites. Isn’t it a relief to have brands that use natural ingredients? One less thing for us to worry about, right?


Weleda on Cleaner Beauty


‘Clean Beauty’ looks to be the next big trend for 2018, but with the term meaning different things for different people, what does it mean to pioneering natural brand Weleda?

For Weleda, clean beauty is more than a mandate to remove ‘nasties’ from products, although that’s a good start! It’s a total, holistic approach to wellbeing, understanding that true beauty is more than skin deep. It’s also a firm belief in the importance of honest, authentic, ethical brand values and working practices – clean by name, clean by nature.’


Recently Jayn Sterland, Managing Director, Weleda UK was interviewed by You Magazine. In her interview Jayn talked about the ways in which we can clean up our beauty regime. Top of her list is to ‘Focus on everyday essentials’. She suggests looking at the products we most frequently. Then, we can make a big change in reducing  the nasties in our life.

I began making the small changes 8 years ago, when I decided to become a mum. The first thing I ditched was the chemical hair relaxer. Around that period reports started coming out about the harmful ingredients in chemical relaxers and how harmful they could be to women’s health. I‘ve not looked back since. Eventually, I began using haircare products with no parabens, mineral oil or sulphates. For a while, I even made my own hair oils and butters.


Brand Love


I was first introduced to Weleda by Influencer, Gina Knight. I trialled their Calendula baby range on baby Valentina. I’ve not looked back since. My family and I have used their bath washes, lotions, oils and fragrance. The one I can’t do without is their hero product, Skin Food. Whenever we go on family trips, it’s the one thing that I must have.  We can all use Skin Food from top to toe, I even heard its good on hinges.

Other brands I love that create stellar products and have similar aims to Weleda are:

  • Afrocenhix-  haircare)
  • Aveda- haircare, bath & body, wellness
  • Korres- skincare, bath & body
  • Shea Butter Cottage- haircare, bath & body

The list above is by no means exhaustive. However, we use them the most. Those brands use ethically sourced ingredients (none of which is paraben or sulphate), their products are cruelty free and as I stated earlier, they find ways to give back to the community. More and more brands are coming along with a similar mission which is great!

Beauty doesn’t have to cost the earth. After all, Weleda has been making it since 1921 and that’s remarkable. What’s your beauty regime like? How do you feel about cleaner beauty? I would love to hear from you.



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