Clarks Maple Syrup is a family run business that has a range of delicious syrups to suit all of our culinary and serving needs. From Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, to Original Maple blended with Carob. Clarks is the the UK’s best selling Maple Syrup brand and I recently received a few of their yummy scrummy syrups to try. I was in the kitchen quick time putting those syrups to the test. On the Clarks website there are gorgeous recipes to cook up ‘sexy food’. I referred to the Clarks recipes for inspiration but didn’t stick to them entirely. I wanted to make use of what I had in my store cupboard. I was very pleased with my Clarks Maple Syrup inspired dishes.

Clarks Maple Syrup With American Style Blueberry Pancakes

First I tried the Vanilla Maple Syrup blended with Carob (rrp £2.10). I made American Style Blueberry Pancakes. I substituted half the amount of caster sugar foe 3 tablespoons of the Vanilla Maple Syrup. I also drizzled the pancakes with the syrup when I plated them up. It was divine!
If I do say so myself. I also used the syrup in Blueberries Muffins. Angelo loves blueberries, hence the repeated use of the fruit. I also made a Banana & Raisin cake. The syrup was included in the batter, roughly about 3 table spoons. I confess, I don’t use a lot of measuring equipment when cooking. I gage what I need based on consistency and taste.

Clarks Maple Syrup In Salad Dressing

Clarks Original Syrup blended with Carob (rrp £1.98) is very versatile. I used it in a salad dressing, and in a Mustard & Maple Syrup Baked Chicken recipe.   The colour is a lovely jewel-like bronzish-brown which looks amazing when drizzled over a dish! 
What I really like about the syrup is that not overly sweet. The syrup is light, runny, blends well and complements any dish its included in.
Here are a few healthy tid bits about maple syrup that I didn’t know and I’d like to share with you:

‘Maple Syrup is a good source of zinc to aid the immune system and has as fewer calories weight-for-weight than sugar and honey. It can also be a great ingredient for those looking to make small changes for a healthier lifestyle – try adding a dash of Clarks to your morning coffee instead of sugar.’ 


Where To Buy

For more information and recipes visit the Clarks website. Clarks Maple Syrups are available nationwide from Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons and selected Nisa stores. 

Clarks Maple Syrup- Drizzle It, Squeeze It, Mix It, Pour It! And for more inspo CLICK HERE.



Please note this is not a sponsored. However I was sent the product to trial and review. The opinion are my own but the healthy tid bits were provided by Clarks.



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