So you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but you still have Christmas presents to buy. Whenever I can I like to buy from small business. I like handmade products. I also like products that are a bit different from what you might find on the high street, especially multicultural products. However, I’ve noticed that its easier to find multicultural gifts for girls than for boys. I hope that by next Christmas the scales will balance between what is on offer for girls and what is on offer for boys.

Once again I’ve trawled the internet and I found a selection of brands in the UK that celebrate diversity and/or craftsmanship. I’ve also included a few brands I’ve reviewed for in the past and some I know personally. This is my ‘alternative’ gift list for Christmas 2014, for children under 10 years old:






  •  LEKKAMRAT Soft Doll


  • You & Me Happy Together Dolls Family – Ethnic



lekkamrat doll




  •  Beautiful Rainbow World music- CD




Fashion & Accessories



  •  Isossy Children Clothing


  •  Pretty Girlz Rock Duffle Bag


  • Checiegirl Creations Crocheted Hair Accessories!hair-accessories/c1mgv





  • Little Naturals Mug



Books & DVDs

Yohance and the Dinosaurs- story book


Message to small businesses, please have some social media presence, at very least a website. Over the last year I found a few brands that I liked, while attending natural hair events etc, but there’s no website  or  a Facebook page that allows prospective customer to order from the page. For 2015 work towards having some social media presence so more people can see your amazing products.

Readers and dear friends, happy shopping and Seasons Greetings! Be sure to let me now if you discover handmade or multicultural products for boys.


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