Due to my new and improved healthy living lifestyle, I’m always on the lookout for healthy food and drink options. Healthy eating isn’t boring but sometimes I feel something different. Enter Chosan.  Chosan means cultural heritage in the Wolof language which is spoken in Gambia and Senegal. The brand gives homage to its cultural heritage by making soft drinks from fruits and plants indigenous to that region. I when I heard about the drinks I was intrigued especially by the Wonjo Hibiscus drink. The plant looked just like the one we call Sorrel in Trinidad. The sorrel soft drink goes hand in hand with Christmas in Trinidad. On further investigation, I realised it is in fact the same plant AND there are so many health benefits to it. For example along with other vitamins it has vitamin C which is vital to maintaining and effective immune system and healthy skin. Happy Days! I received four soft drink flavours to trial for the purpose of this review. I received the: Wonjo (with fresh Ginger Root), Wonjo Original, Wonjo (with Moroccan mint) and Bouye Baobab fruit drink.


Chosan Flavours


It was on a hot summer’s day on a beach in Hove that I first tried the Chosan drinks. I took the Bouye Baobab and the Original in the family cooler bag. I should mention that Baobab is a super fruit. The pulp is rich in antioxidants and minerals vital to health and vitality. While both drinks were refreshing and rich in flavour, I was not expecting slightly tart taste.

I finished the Bouye Baobab but I returned home with half of the Original. I added about three teaspoons of sugar to half a bottle of the Original flavoured drink, then, it was more to my liking. I added the same amount of sugar to the chilled fresh Ginger Root flavoured drink and I LOVED it! It had it the right balance of zing and refreshment. I had mine after lunch, at 2pm in the afternoon. It gave me the pick-me-up I needed.

Finally, I had the Moroccan mint chilled with my fish dinner. It was superb! I didn’t need to add sugar. It was sweetened.  It contains: water, sugar, dried organic hibiscus (3%) and fresh Moroccan mint. The robust spicy flavour of the hibiscus with the twist of mint was exciting to my pallet. It went well with my fish meal but could easily be enjoyed on this own. The Moroccan mint was definitely my favourite. While these hibiscus drinks are being marketed as healthy exotic fruit drinks, for me they are the aroma and essence of my home, at Christmas.


Chosan as a healthy option


Don’t be put off because I added sugar to a few of my drinks. These soft drinks truly are bursting with flavour. You must know that I’m the lady who puts 5 sugars in her coffee, and 4 in her tea. It’s fair to say I have a massive sweet tooth. Hence the need for the lifestyle change. My point is for anyone who’s used to healthy eating and/or low sugar in diet, this drink for you. If like me you have a sweet tooth, just add sugar or better yet try the delightful recipes on the Chosan website.There’s even one for the warm winter months.



Where to buy


All of Chosan’s drinks have been approved by the Vegetarian Society, so it’s suitable for vegetarians to consume. Best of all they are 100% natural. There are 92 calories in a 250ml bottle. The drinks can be purchased from the website price varies between £11-12 for a four bottle pack on the Wonjo. While the Bouye cost £14 for a pack of four. For more information on Chosan, their drinks, the health benefits of the plants and fruits they use, as well as stockist and more kindly visit their website.


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