Centuries ago in Mesoamerica cacao (cocoa) was deemed to be a gift from the god, given to humankind on creation day. When the Spanish conquistadors came to the ‘New World’ they would find a community with sophisticated architecture and a people who drank a rich cacao elixir made for central religious rituals , as well as, health and wellbeing. By the time cocoa was brought to Europe, the recipes were altered to suit the palate of Europeans. There are several potential health benefits to drinking cocoa such as; weight management, improve the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, lowering risk of heart attack and Stroke and asthma. It seems as though ritual drinking of cacao has had a resurgence participants say it helps with anxiety. In the mainstream, cocoa has made its way into beauty, skincare, household items.



The Chocolate Scented Products I Luv


In the autumn, I enjoy drinking the aromatic hot chocolate drinks that the high street coffee houses whip up. It’s the closest thing to what I drank as a child back in Trinidad;  they had me at nutmeg and spice. This season, I’ve included chocolate into my self-care products.  Here are a few I’m enjoying at the moment:


hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate


As much as I enjoy the smell of chocolate, I never knew how much I’d enjoy it as a room fragrance. I bought mine on Etsy from Reloved Norfolk Interiors. They are a Norfolk based brand that produces upcycle furniture and reclaimed household items, as well as vegan friendly, environmentally friendly, soy wax melts. I chose their Hot Chocolate wax melt which is so sumptuous. Perfect for a lazy hazy autumn day indoors.

The melts come as six per pack. Each melt is at roughly 2 ½ cms in diameter, made of soy wax, eco glitter with natural fragrance. I used two. They melted easily and filled the room with a divine aroma. I felt relaxed, cosy and dare say a bit … spoilt. The melts would make a wonderful accompaniment to a DIY pamper day or simply relaxing at home, as I was.

Mint & Chocolate


Talking about DIY spa days. What’s a spa day without a good face mask? I’m a fan of the brand Okiki, the mother and daughter Black owned business. The brand was born, when Ade (the mum) wanted a way to stay connected to her mum, who had passed away. Proud daughter Antonia knew her mother’s products were good enough to take to market, so that’s what they did. I bought their Mint & Chocolate powder face mask; isn’t that a match made heaven. This duo as a face mask is all pleasure. No guilt.

Okiki’s Mint & Chocolate Face mask contains raw cocoa powder used for its antioxidant properties. The coolness of the peppermint powder was a pleasant balance. My skin felt refreshed and looked clearer. It will definitely continue to be a must have of mine. The mask is perfect to have at home for self-care Sundays.


Chocolate Banana


Now, this is a fragrance I was sure about in theory but I Heart Revolution Loose Baking Powder Chocolate Banana does smell yummy. I don’t think I have to introduce the brand, if you love make-up, I’m sure you know it. The texture of but I Heart Revolution Loose Baking Powder Chocolate Banana is light and fine. My make-up was set to perfection. It kept the shine at bay.

You’ll find the I Heart Revolution Loose Baking Powder Chocolate Banana at your local Superdrug, in the make-up aisle.

chocolate banana
Natural Barnet

What I’ll Try Next..


There’s a brand that Brown beauties need to know about, if you don’t already; it’s Natural Barnet. A few months ago, I bought their Ayurvedic Shea Smoothie . My hair and that of my daughter’s really liked the product. It was not too heavy for my 3b curl type or her 2b hair type. The consistency truly was like a smoothie. Our curls were hydrated, silky smooth and bouncy. At the time I bought the Rosemary and Lavender BUT I’m thrilled to report they also stock a chocolate scented smoothie.

Natural Barnet makes their chocolate scented smoothie in the same process as the others. You have all the healing oils and shea butter, along with the scent of chocolate which is achieved by adding a chocolate fragrance oil. Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds super decadent to me and why not?!  Best of all, it can be used on the skin as well. That’s the one I’ll be treating myself to very soon.

So, what’s your chocolate guilty pleasure? Have you ever tried chocolate scented products in your home, or as part of your beauty regime? Maybe you take part in cacao ceremonies, how has it helped you?

Comment below I would love to hear from you.

Also, if you are curious about the cacao rituals, check out this video I found. It’s all about the cacao ceremony,  recipe, along with a Q&A. Enjoy!



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