What does love look like to you? How does it feel? What does it cost? I’ve been thinking of it recently.  Personally, I believe love and affection should be displayed daily. Why wait for Valentine’s Day to shower someone with gifts? I enjoy being swept off my feet as much as any woman but I prefer it when it’s not expected. Even more so now with kids and childcare cover.  Seize the moment I say! Recently, hubby and I went on a lunch date and it was wonderful. Really good grub for both of us under £30. So, I thought, for those who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day specifically, here’s how to do it affordably.


Voucher Codes

Don’t you just love a wowcher?! Or Groupon  . Hubby and I have had some scrumptious meals (with dessert) by using a voucher code. Just be sure to read the fine print to see if you can use it on Valentine’s Day. If can’t then aim for a few days before or after.

If you really feel you need red ambience, then, give your date some red roses or choose red for the pop of colour in your outfit. Just saying …


Loyalty Points

You may have seen that hubby and I have the odd pub lunch from time to time. Sometimes, it’s even a gastro pub. It may not biggy for some, but for us it’s a treat. Just as with the coupons, check that you can use them on Valentine’s. If you can’t, then book before or after the day. The menu many not be that different. Chances are you will get more for your money … RESULT




In my opinion a candlelit dinner at home tops going out.  Why? For one thing the venues are usually be packed!  Secondly, you’re likely to pay double the price. Additionally, staying in be easier for couples with kids and no child-care back up. A DIY celebration is tops … and I don’t mean home improvement. Simply set the kids to sleep and set the mood.

date night in

I remember when Angelo was a baby.  I meal prepped in the day. Once he was asleep, I quickly whipped up the meal. Hubby came home to  candle light and music. On another occasion he surprised me. Those evenings were the best.







Do you celebrate Valentine’s? What have you got planned? What’s favourite Valentine’s memory? I’d love to hear from you comment below.



(Updated 12th January 2022)






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