Since last year’s hair colour has washed away, the ends of my hair has been dry. Honestly I’m not at all surprised. Ideally, I should have replaced the colour but I really liked the blond highlights for summer. I’ve also been swimming at the local pool and in the sea when we were on holiday. It’s tricky to treat to two hair conditions at the same time. My usual haircare range was working but there were days when my hair needed more TLC especially after a swim. So, when I was gifted some Aveda products I thought I’d give them a try. I attended their Decode Your Curl event a few months prior and I had heard good things their range for curly hair so I was eager to try them. While was not stranger to the brand, it had been a long since I used their products and the ones I had were new to me. I simply had to share the results  I had with Aveda haircare with you.

Curly Hair Washday with be curly™

I was gifted four Aveda haircare products. I received two be curly™ products from Aveda’s PR and I received two dry remedy™ products from Blackhair Magazine. If you follow me on Insta, you may have seen me unbox the present they sent me.  First I tried the two products from be curly™ which were be curly™ Co-Wash and be curly™ Intensive Detangling Mask. I used them on one occasion after a swim at the pool. My hair had been recently washed, so rather than do a full shampoo I thought I’d co-wash then treat my hair. Both products were rich and creamy. However, after rinsing out the co-wash my hair felt crispy at the ends. I followed up with the mask. I detangled my hair after the mask was washed out because it was quite thick and my hair felt fragile. I applied my usual styling products and dried my hair.

Although my wash ‘n’ go looked good on the day the hydration didn’t last long. On the second occasion I use the products as part of my usual weekend hair washing ritual. I had not been swimming and I found I had slightly better results. I don’t fault the products because my virgin roots felt great. I simply need a different type of product that would treat my bleached ends as well.

Aveda be curly


Curly Hair Washday with dry remedy™

Next I tried the dry remedy™ products. I received the shampoo and conditioner. Just like other Aveda products, the ritual begins when you first smell the product. Ingredients include: buriti oil, pomegranate and palm-derived conditioners, as well as, relaxing floral aroma blend with certified organic palmarosa, ylang ylang and rose geranium, plus a hint of vanilla. No wonder I had that Zen spa feeling.  I applied the shampoo to wet hair. The first thing I noticed was that it was creamy like a conditioner. My hair felt AMAZING! Within seconds it began to feel soft and silky. After rinsing; my hair still felt supple. I followed with the conditioner which I left in for 1-2 minutes. I was able to detangle with the condition still in my hair, then I rinsed. Aww it was sheer bliss.

My virgin roots and bleached ends were both swaying to the same rhythm. I followed up with a new leave in conditioner from a different brand and styled my hair. Days later I was still touching and twirling my hair. As with the previous dry remedy™ twice, on both occasions I had great results. I had happy hair again!

The Conclusion

I would say if you have normal healthy curly hair, be curly™ is the one for you. However, if like me you had dry damaged curly hair, then, go for dry remedy™. There are other products in both ranges but dry remedy™ doesn’t have a styling product. Depending on your curly hair concern perhaps you can mix and match the two ranges. You can visit the website for more information on all their products.


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