Christmas 2019 sees no diminishing of the trend of surprise reveal collectable toys. While at the Christmas in July Festival, I saw Capsule Chix for the first time. They looked adorable and trendy. I knew it would make a good gift, so I included them in my 2019 Christmas Gifting Ideas blog . Since then, Moose Toys have released the Capsule Chix Ultimix 4 pack.  Capsule Chix are fashion dolls. They combine the fun of collection, personalisation, destruction and recreation. I was sent the Ultimix to trial for the purpose of this review. Lil V and her pal K constructed the dolls together and played with them. Here’s what we found with the Capsule Chix Ultimix.

What’s in the mix?

The Capsule Chix Ultimix (RRP RRP£49.99) pack holds 4 dolls, as well as:

  • 20 x Capsules (contains 60+ pieces including rare accessories exclusive to this pack)
  • 4 x Doll Accessories
  • 1 x Lookbook
  • 4 x Doll Stands

Turn the Style Dial to unbox 20 surprise capsules. Talk about turning up the thrill!! The rare pieces inside include Ram Rock’s gold tiara and CTR+ALT+MAGIC’s metallic hair bunches – both exclusive to the Ultimix. Lil fashionsitas can create looks with different hair, faces, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.

Each doll has her persona; RAM Rock (edgy style black, pops of colour and studded details), Giga Glam (sparkle! Metallic and glitter) and Sweet Circuits (bold candy brights) and CTRL+ALT+MAGIC (pastels and iridescent colours).

Testing Capsule Chix Ultimix 

Personally, I prefer dolls that are have articulated limbs. I believe it more fun all allow the child to do more with them. I wwas pleased to see that the limbs on Capsule Chix could move. In fact, the dolls have 14 points of articulation. The can be positioned in a variety of poses to set of their outfits and for play. They are instafab! Lil V and K enjoyed the swap and change ability of the dolls. When you think about that’s what they would do naturally during play.

Each of the fabric garments was beautifully made. The detail and quality was impressive. However, the waistbands of the fabric skirts made it tricky to connect the torso to the lower body. The girls found it difficult to complete their dolls unaided. Caspule Chix Ultimix is targeted at 6+ years and both girls are. Nonetheless, they needed a grown-up to apply more pressure to secure the halves. In the end, I had to snipe the back of two of the skirts slightly for a better fitting and prevent the halves from unsnapping. Perhaps, it was just the set we received that had this issue.

The dolls are 4.5 inches in height which makes them good travel companions. Keep the capsules for storage when travelling. The swapping and changing with keep little hands and minds occupied. They could have hours of imaginative and role play with the dolls. At home they could reload the capsules, re-fill dispenser and turn the style dial to create new looks. The dolls can also be mix and matched with other collections from the range.



Overall the dolls well made and the price point is fair for the fun and thrill factor they give.  Lil fashionista’s will love them for the hours of imaginative play and style inspo they deliver. However,  production should to ensure that all the dolls’ clothing don’t affect the connecting parts.

Capsule Chix Ultimix is the latest addition to the Moose Toys’ UK family and is available now in Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, Amazon and Very.

For more information on the Capsule Chix and all the collections visit their website.

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