I’ve been using Cantu haircare on my tresses for a few years. I usually have something from the brand in my cupboard. My favourite is the leave-in-conditioner which I use as a hair styler.  When Miss V turned 5, I began using some of my haircare products on her hair; Cantu was one of the brands that I trusted. However, I mainly used the leave-in-conditioner (esp. before swimming in the pool) because the shampoo was not tear-free.  When I heard there was a kid’s hair care range coming to market, I was jubilant. Cantu sent me some of the products from their kid’s haircare range to trial with Miss V for the purpose of this review. We found that Cantu Care for Kids is an effective and affordable range for lil naturals.

The Products


We were sent five products from the Cantu Care for Kids range:

  • Conditioning Detangler (£4.99 177ML)
  • Curling Cream (£5.50 227G)
  • Nourishing Conditioner (£4.99 237ML)
  • Styling Custard (£5.50 227G)
  • Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo (£4.99 237ML).


I love the packaging which was homage to the parent range but fresh. The shampoo and conditioners we in squeezy bottled and the styles were in squeezy tubes. Only the leave-in detangler was in spray bottle which was for better coverage on the hair.

Cantu Care for Kids contains, 100% pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey. They free from mineral oil, sulfates, parabens silicones, phthalates, gluten, paraffin and propylene


The Trial


On hair wash day I applied the Nourishing Conditioner to Miss V’s dry hair and lightly detangled.  We then adjourned to the bathroom where I rinsed out the conditioner, shampooed, rinsed and towel dried her hair. Her hair felt, clean and silky. We both loved the fruity fragrance. I followed up with the conditioning detangler which I used as a styler/detangler aid. The consistency was light and watery but very conditioning and non-tacky.

Sometimes I followed with the curly cream and organic hair oil (from another range) other times followed up worth the oil then dried in sections before plaiting her hair. The styling gel was used during the week to style her hair neatly. Miss V is prone to fly-aways around her hair line. The gel minimised frizz which is great for an active kid like my Miss V.



I was very pleased with the range over all. The cleaners and stylers were rich and creamy but didn’t cause build up on her hair or scalp. We gave Cantu Care for Kids the two thumbs up. I believe range will work well on can lil naturals there are sufficient options in the range to find the right combinations whether they are curly coily or kinky in hair texture.

Although I hasten to add, as a parent I would to use the range for kids 5+ years. Newborns’ skin and scalp are very sensitive. It’s tricky to know what allergies they may have when they are so young. Some children cannot use products with coconut oil which is why the healthcare advisor usually recommends olive oil for their skincare regime. If in doubt check.

Cantu kids can be bought online from Amazon or the Great British High Street in Boots and Superdrug.

Visit the Cantu website for more information on Cantu and their products.


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