It was with great sadness that I got rid of Valentina’s ole pink Brush-Baby chewable tooth brush several months ago. Getting rid of her chewable tooth brush  symbolised the loss of her babyhood. There were no babies in our family anymore. I first discovered Brush-Baby when Angelo was a toddler. Hubby, Angelo and I attended our first and only Baby Show at the Excel Centre, Docklands. I bought one for Angelo, there. Valentina’s I bought at Boots.  It was a pleasant surprise when Brush-Baby recently informed me that they had ranges for older children. I’d never noticed them in the shops. If I had I would have made the progression to them. Brush-Baby kindly sent me a selection of products from their 3-6 and 6+ years old range. Angelo and Valentina used Brush-Baby’s Kidzonic Electric Tooth Brush for 1 month.



Brush-Baby Package

In our Brush-Baby package we received:

  • 1 Floss Brush 6+ years RRP£2.10 (now of sale for £1.85)
  • 1 Floss Brush 3-6 years RRP£2.10 (now of sale for £1.85)
  • 1 Kidzonic Electric Tooth Brush 6+ year (3 replaceable brush heads and battery)- RRP£12.95
  • 1 Kidzonic Electric Tooth Bursh 3-6 years (3 replaceable brush head and battery)
  • 1 Tutti Frutti Toothpaste with Xylitol 3 to 6 years
  • 1 Spearmint Toothpaste with Xylitol 6 years- RRP £2.35
  • Tooth brush Chart and reward stickers


The Trial

We decided to trial Kidzonic Electric Tooth Brushes. Angelo and Valentina trialled the Brush-Baby‘s Kidzonic Electric brushes and tooth pastes for the 30 days. It was a success. They want to be more independent and brush their own teeth. However they don’t usually do a good job. Several times per week, I brush their teeth for them much to their annoyance.  I have to be particularly careful with Angel’s teeth because six of his top teeth and six at the bottom has his adult teeth.  Sometimes they turn a bit yellow when he doesn’t brush good enough. The Brush Baby Kidzonic Electric was ideal for them. The handle is suitable size for their tiny hands. When it was switched on, the brush head lighted up in bright neon colours.

Teeth-brushing was at once practical and fun.  The light show lasts for the 2 minutes it take to brush teeth well, with 30 seconds pulse which is a signal to proceed brushing another area of the mouth. Kids being kids they don’t always stick to the rules but I also made me aware, so I was able to remind them to brush properly. I have seen improvement in teeth, in particular Angelo’s. His teeth looked better within days of using the electric brush. The brushes have a ‘Unique bi-level flossing bristles to help clean in between teeth’ and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The packaging advises, use only AAA alkaline batteries.

Although they both used brush-baby tooth pastes, Tutti Fruity was their preferred choice. Angelo said it spearmint was a bit ‘spicy’ both kids use that word for minty toothpaste. In fact the spearmint is mild but he’s associates mint with grown up toothpastes.  The toothpastes are SLS free non-foaming and paraben free toothpastes. They contain ‘Xylitol to reduce sugar acids and helps restore the mouth’s pH balance to a healthier level’. I must also add that they are cruelty free and suitable vegetarians.

The Floss Brush

The kids haven’t used their Floss Brushes yet. However, I’d like to add Brush-Baby says the Floss Brush is ‘Designed for children who cannot yet floss, the Floss Brush helps clean between teeth.  Short bristles clean the tooth’s surface and longer bristles reach between teeth and into the gum line These unique bi-level bristles remove plaque not reached by conventional toothbrushes. Great for kids who are not yet able to floss, have gaps or missing teeth.’

Although I bought Valentina’s Brush-Baby chewable toothbrush from Boots, when I checked online recently didn’t have any of the tooth brushes for 3-6 or 6+ years. In fact neither did Mothercare or Tesco both of which are stockist for the baby toothbrushes. I don’t know why that is, so, to shop the range visit the Brush-Baby website



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