The woman you see now who loves bold lipsticks was not always so confident. For many years, I wore very little makeup and lipstick. When I did wear makeup, it was for special occasions. I stuck to safe browns and peaches. Motherhood and blogging has made me come out of my comfort zone in so many ways. Now, not only do I love lipstick, the bolder the better I’d say. During the festive season I luv a red  or purple lip. I’ve posted before about my fave alternative bold shades. Now, it’s time to get red hot.. These are my favourite red lipsticks for the festive season.


Burgundy Hues


Cranberry is autumn/winter season favourite for 2018. In that palette, there are stunning shades that will work well against brown skin. My favourite shades vie towards burgundy and will look stunning on darker complexions. My top 5 burgundy shades in no particular order are:


  • V Lace Matte Liquid Lipstick                                          Ms Lauryn
  • Urban Decay Vice Comfort Matte Lipstick                     Disturbed
  • Primark PS Love lipstick                                                Bordeax
  • Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour Lipstick                     Daring Dalalid
  • I Heart Revolution Metallic Dragon Lip Gloss               Fire Breathing



Red Reds


Red lipstick is a timeless stunning look.  When I want to brighten-up my features I go for a bright red. Some women of colour shy away from reds because they think they can’t wear a red lip. I’ve learnt that the trick is to find the red that suits your undertone. For instance, my undertone is yellow.  I tend to go for yellowish-reds, although you will notice in my list some are bluish. My 5 favourite reds in no particular order are:


  • Anna’s Beauty Cosmetics                                       Seduce      
  • George at ASDA                                                     Runway
  • Urban Decay Mega Matte Vice Lipstick                  714   
  • Ubran Decay Metallized Vice Lipstick                     Wrath
  • MAC Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain              To The Extreme  


The Food Test


I would say of all the lipsticks listed above, the only one that’s not long wear is the Anna’s Beauty Cosmetics’ Seduce. The other lipsticks can stand up to me chomping through my Christmas and New Year’s food delights.


What’s your favourite lipstick or gloss for the festive season?  Tells us in the comment box below.


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