We are at the height of spring and there’s colour all around! Everywhere blooms are popping up through the earth and on branches. One of the things lockdown taught us was to bring the outside in. Many of us now have plants (some of them flowering) indoors. Did you know some pretty those decorate blooms are edible as well?! Well, they may be small but they full of micronutrients. It’s said the bolder the colour the more antioxidant power a flower can have  Now that we are slowly getting back to normal and socialising, why not boost your antioxidant in take with edible flowers?


5 Edible Flowers to Try

Experienced foragers know that you can eat some common flowering weeks like Dandelions , I usually leave them for the bees but I am partial to rose tea. After a cuppa all is right with the world.


NB: edible flowers are flowers what have been grown in a food safe way, and doesn’t have a naturally occurring toxin.

You either grow your own or purchase edible flowers online. My top five you might want to try are

  • Chive
  • Coriander
  • Courgette
  • Lavender
  • Pansy


Chive flowers can be prepared in a variety of ways. Their pretty pastel purple almost lavender colour h can really make a dish pop with colour and flavour. Uses as a garnish, in salad ingredient or even tempura!



Coriander is also known and cilantro or Chinese Parsley. The flowers cluster together and look like delicate white lace with touches of pink. Eating the leaves and flowers of Coriander can help to manage blood sugar levels.

Coriander flowers are also said to be high in Vitamin K and other nutrients



Courgette or as it’s called in American, Zucchini, has flowers that look like a sun burst. The flowers can be made into a dish of its own, fried, stuffed or shredded for garnish.

TOP TIP: remove the stamen and pistil as it can cause allergic reaction for some people

pansy and cake


Well what can I say about lovely lavender , except to say I live to see them bloom in every July. The fragrance is intoxicating and soothing. Lavender well known as an aromatherapy sleep aid. In terms of flavour, it’s slightly medicinal as a tea but adds a special note to lemonade, fudge, cookies and other sweet treats.

As a topping for cakes lavender delivers that English country life vibe that makes you want to tarry a while. It’s a advised that pregnant ladies avoid lavender and persons on blood pressure medication should seek advises before using lavender for culinary purposes



Pansy flowers bring the party. They grow in an array of bold colours sploshed here and there. They are a watercolourists’ dream.  I’ve had them on canapés. Their petals are delight and frilly with mild flavour. The texture is silky on the tongue.

A study has shown that the nutritional benefit of eating pansies vary according to the colour and stage of its flowering. Pansies can be used to top your smoothie bowl, cakes and muffins or tossed into a salad or garnish  drink.


What is your favourite edible flower recipe? Have you made any changes to you diet? What’s your favourite mood food.

Do share by commenting below. I would love to hear from you.





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