I’ve wanted to attend a Blog Camp event for years! In the past, it was either too far away or it was totally booked.  This time, it was my fate to acquire a place on the recent Blog Camp London. I was super excited because it was to be held in the Eastend my ole stomping ground and I miss it so much. I don’t have a business per se. However, I’d like to begin earning from my blog. Additionally, I’ve penned my first book so. I want to be more social media savvy. I’ve heard it before and it was reiterated by the speakers/entrepreneurs at the Blog Camp London ‘do what you love’, that was my take-home message.


At Blog Camp

The day at Blog Camp London was well paced with breaks that allowed us to mingle and establish networks. I was pleased to meet Style After Nine, Baby Toddler Me, and fellow Trini blogger from Bake Cook Design Girl. I’ve never met a fellow Trini at a blog event before. It was awesome!! The Twitter competitions that ran throughout the day were fun. They kept us engaged.


Personal Takeaways


There were so many good moments but the points that blew my mind were:

Vibe Israel- Opened my eyes to picture of Israel that’s now about war. It was incredible to hear about an Israel that’s place for families to visit and where ground-breaking, inspirational entrepreneurs reside.

Roco Runs- I hate running but they made me feel I should get moving. In fact they made us move. Attendees were challenged to hop on one leg for a minute to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell. It was a simple but valuable lesson: never underestimate your abilities.

24 me- I appreciated the honesty. Often we see entrepreneurs doing well but we don’t really hear about the struggle at the start. We don’t hear how highly successful working mums hold it together. I’m all for outsourcing, when I can.

Persona- Persona is an organization blazing a trail by ‘promoting a 50% women’s presence in influential and decision making positions in Israel ’. They also have a network of professional female members.

Zeek- They are case and point of how simple innovative idea can be grown into a viable business, with a strong team and good mentorship.


Blogger Life

While it was motivating to hear from bloggers who have crossed over into the business sphere, I struggle to see how I can do it. I’m at home with my kids, potty training, cleaning house, going through home-work etc My main connection to grown-up is via social media. Perhaps I have a mental block.

I ask myself every day, what I am good at? What am I passionate about? I believe I have a way with words. Get me on my favourite topic I can chat for England. I’m passionate about books and education. Unless my book takes off, I’m not sure how far that will get me. Maybe I need a blog mentor. So back to square one, building a brand.


On The Gram

I’m a self-confessed Instagram addict and I relish any opportunity to learn how to use it effectively.  Lucy (Captured by Lucy) your session was awesome!  The honesty and creativity made me rethink my Instagram. No more spamming, promise.


Thank you Tots100, Vibe Israel and all the sponsors for making Blog Camp London, informative, motivational and memorable.

Special thanks to Hollamama for the good luck amulet I won during the Persona presentation.   She’s gorgeous and I adore her.





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