A few weeks ago, on 23rd January, it was National Pie Day. I totally missed the boat. I didn’t bake a pie of any sort. Shame! Shame! Right?! On the rare occasion when I bake a pie it’s usually a macaroni pie (Trini style) or Shepherd’s Pie. Last week  there was some snowfall in the burbs and I instantly felt for comfort food. I decided to try the new range of Bird’s Eye Bakery Pies.


First Taste

My children can be a bit fussy with food, at times. On the evening that I cooked the Bird’s Eye Pies, I was not sure if they would like it, but they did! They prefer to have raw vegetables due the crunchiness. Hubby and I tend to have salads made of spinach, lettuce leaves, crunchy vegetables and fruits.  

On the evening that we dined on the Birds Eye Pies, I served the kids crunchy cucumbers, while hubby and I had a side salad. It made a delightful change to our mid-week dinners. The pies take 35 minutes to cook from frozen, on gas mark 6.  All the fillings were tasty and succulent but we were partial to the puff pastry topped pies. One pie is a good enough size for a small child, an adult may either have two pies and a small side or one pie and large side of their choice.


What We Tried

The tried three types of pies. They were:


  • Puff Pastry British Steak- Prime steak pieces and rich gravy in puff pastry enriched with Jersey Butter
  • Puff Pastry Chicken and Ham- Creamy chicken & ham in puff pastry enriched with Jersey Butter
  • Short crust Creamy Chicken- Succulent chicken breast pieces, vegetables and gravy in delicious short crust pastry.


Final Thoughts

Although the filling was lovely, I didn’t fancy the Shortcrust Creamy Chicken that much. I thought the crust was a bit dry.

Prices may vary but I bought my pies at Morrisons at £2 per a box of four pies, but the Puff Pastry British Steak was £2.50 for two. Not bad for a quick, easy and tasty family meal.

For nutritional information, or to find out what’s new with Birds Eye visit their website. 



Please not this not a paid sponsored post but we were sent money off purchase vouchers for the purpose of trialling the pies for this review.





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