One month ago, I did a seasonal cleanse. I’d never done one before but my skin was beginning to look dull and dry. It wasn’t down to lack of drinking water or using lotions. My skin is changing with age. The cleanse give me my glow but it still need plumping. I tried a course of collagen in the past. It helped to boost my collagen production which has slowed down due to menopause. On this occasion I tried Bioglan’s Beauty Collagen. They used marine collagen in the product. I was sent some for trial. Bioglan’s products tend to work for me. You may remember my Curcumin trial couple years ago.  Bioglan’s Beauty Collagen has got me all glowing and juicy again.


What is marine collagen?

Marine Collagen comes from fish. What part of the fist you ask. Well it comes from the parts that are usually discarded like the skin, scales and bones.  Marine collagen is what’s called Type 1 Collagen which is most abundant in our bodies and gives skin elasticity.

Marine collagen is said to be rich in amino acids. Bioglan’s Beauty Collagen contains glycine and proline. Glycine helps to create an antioxidant that combats damage from free radicals. While Proline is a type of imino acid — very similar to an amino acid… It’s considered to be a “nonessential amino acid” because the human body can synthesize some on its own… However getting it from good is fine boost natural levels in the body. It’s role is to help the glycine in the production of collagen.

Bioglan’s Beauty Collagen Range

  • Bioglan has 4 types of beauty collagen. They are:
  • Beauty Collagen Tablets (90 tablets) £22.99
  • Beauty Collagen Powder (151g) £29.99
  • Beauty Collagen Gummies (60s tablets) £18.99
  • Beauty Collagen Effervescent (20 tablets) £8.99

I was sent 1 tube of the effervescent and 1 bottle of the gummies to trial for the purpose of this review.


Trialling Bioglan’s Beauty Collagen

I began the trial after my seasonal cleanse. I felt it was best to detox and revive up in system. The dosage was two effervescent tablets per day or 2 gummies per day.  I opted to mix it up.

I usually had an Effervescent drink after breakfast and one gummy after lunch. Unlike other collagen drinks I’ve had before the Beauty Collagen drink was pleasant from the first. There was no ’getting used to it’ period. One table was added to a glass of water which fizzed and melted away to create the drink. It has a berry taste and contains sugar. If I missed my morning drink, I had it before my afternoon gym workout. What a great way to hydrate and consume and essential nutrients?! The drink contained Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, Biotin and Selenium, all good things for beautiful skin, hair and nails.

The gummies had a strawberry flavour but had a mild fish taste similar to cod liver oil. However, it left no after taste and didn’t cause fishy burps. It was easy to take the gummies. Even on busy days, simply pop it into the mouth and chew out the door. They also contain the same nutrients like the Effervescent table just at different percentages.

The Results

After using Beauty Collagen for two weeks, I noticed the difference in my skin. My glow from the detox was enhanced. The skin my face looked supple, plump, and hydrated. My legs usually looked dry no matter how much I applied lotion but began to look moisturised. There were no dry scaly bits.

By the third week I noticed my nails required frequent trimming. I don’t wear them long.

It’s hard to say with my hair because it grows well, especially during In the summer months. Although, it’s very likely that the supplements contributed to the growth as well.

I’ve received comments from friends about how ‘youthful’ I look. One even said it’s like I’m reversing time. Thanks, I’ll take that. While I’ve embraced my change of life (menopause), that doesn’t mean I have to dry up and fade away.


In Conclusion

It’s now week four and I am very pleased with the results from using Bioglan’s Beauty Collagen.  I dare say, I look ten years off than my calendar age. I will continue to take it. The gummies are a 3 months’ supply and the effervescent is just almost three weeks supply.

Find out more about the products, visit the website.





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