I’ve been back at the gym for almost two years now. On the days when I go hard or my instructor turns up the heat, I’m sore. While I’ve used pain relief creams in the past, it was always after a bad night’s sleep. When I was introduced to Biofreeze, I thought I’d try it on my post workout aches. I can’t be stiff and sore with two active little ones. Its a special pain when your child JUMPS onto your achy thighs. Biofreeze gave me speedy relief from sore muscles.

I workout while Valentina is at nursery. Sometimes I have a 30 minutes window, so I dash home and shower. Having a quick acting gel like Biofreeze was an amazing. It has a strong menthol smell and a jelly-like consistency. It’s cold when applied to the skin. The cold feeling lasted around 30-45 minutes after I applied the gel, but it absorbed very quickly. The way Biofreeze works is it ‘reduces arterial blood flow to the applied area, while increasing circulation in the skin.’ Its effective on ‘larger muscles and joints such as the calves, thighs, shoulders or elbows.’ Biofreeze is not greasy and once dry it didn’t stain my clothing.  It’s easily accessible without prescription which means it can be used at home, in the gym, at work and on the go. There’s a small portable size of a handy travel sized 30ml tube. It’s good alternative to painkillers of you don’t’ like tablets or can’t take them for some reason. I used the gel after a warm shower, post workout and the day after my workout. On both occasions I had relief with Biofreeze.

Biofreeze Gel

The active ingredient in Biofreeze is menthol. The purpose of the menthol is to create ‘a sensation that overrides pain signals to the brain’. It also includes a plant extract Ilex which aids in the quick absorption and pain relief.  Its vegetarian friendly because no animal products are used in the ingredients. Because I have sensitive skin, but thankfully Biofreeze doesn’t cause any irritation. I would say be sure to wash your hand to remove any residue before moving on to daily duties. I touched my face once and ended up going on the school run with a chilly face, ON A SUNNY DAY! It was funny actually.

Biofreeze is available in three forms:

  • Biofreeze Gel
  • Biofreeze Spray
  • Biofreeze Roll-On

As stated earlier, I used the gel for the in my trial. Biofreeze is at  available at Boots. The 30ML travel size RRP£3.49 There’s also a larger size which comes in a pump action dispensers are also available in 473ml and 946ml bottles.


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