I’d been using Big Hair’s Hair Milk and Whipped Butter for one month and was totally happy with the results. When I decided to try their new conditioner, Melissa, the brand founder suggested that I try their deep conditioner. The treatment contains rhassoul clay because my hair has been colour-treated. Melissa and her team are quite helpful in assisting customers find the right hair products. It’s been years since I’ve used rhassoul clay to deep condition my hair. New natural, I used rhassoul a couple of times. I’d bought it from an organic natural hair product supplier. I melted the clay and mixed it with coconut oil to deep condition my hair. The result was not bad but I didn’t feel the need to purchase more. I was underwhelmed. Sceptical, I bought the Big Hair deep conditioning Hair Treatment and I was ecstatic because of the results.

The Treatment

The Big Hair’s deep conditioning Hair Treatment contains 90% natural ingredients, one of which is Moroccan rahssoul clay. Some of the other natural ingredients include: banana, honey, coco butter and avocado. Almost sounds like ingredients for a decadent desert doesn’t it? The fragrance of the Hair Treatment is pleasantly earthy-nutty. The texture is rich and creamy. It coats the hair very well but if you towel dry your hair like me before applying treatments there may not be much slip for detangling. I detangled my hair with ease, after the Hair Treatment was rinsed out.

Trial 1

I pre-treated my hair with coconut oil for about 45 mins using my cordless The Hair Therapy Wrap. I then shampooed, rinsed and towel dried my hair. I then used my wrap again after the Hair Treatment was applied. I left it in for about 45-50 mins (please note:  the recommended time on the packaging is 40mins if using a heated towel for a deeper treatment) while I did my house-work. After rinsing my hair, I detangled towel dried then applied Big Hair’s Hair Milk, followed by virgin avocado oil and then the Big Hair whipped Butter. Finally, I two-strand twisted my hair and left it in over-night. I untwisted my hair the following morning.  My hair felt very soft bouncy and moisturized.

big hair trial 1

Trial 2

I pre-treated my hair with coconut oil without heat for about 1 hour. When applied the Hair Treatment, on this occasion I used a heated towel and left it in for 45 mins. After applying products for styling (same as a trial 1), I then diffused my hair. I used less whipped butter because a little goes a long way, as I’ve since learnt. The result was soft bouncy fuller hair with a well -defined curl. BIG HAIR!

big hair trial 2


I believe the Big Hair deep conditioning Hair Treatment will work on any hair natural afro or mixed textured, whether or not the hair has been colour-treated. The colour rinse in my hair has long since gone. The front of my hair where colour was taken out still looks light but both the coloured and uncoloured hair look equally moisturised.

The Hair Treatment should work well with other natural hair products, not just the products from its own brand.  The 200g tube RRP £14.95 on the Big Hair website. I’ve used mine twice and I have enough for two more treatments. Depending on how long and thick your hair is, as well as how often you treat your hair you will have this product for at least one month. I use mine once per month, in between I wash and condition sometimes or apply hair mayo masque.

Big Hair’s deep conditioning Hair Treatment has truly won me over. The clay, butter, fruity combo works really well for me. Great customer service, excellent product, what’s not to love. Its a keeper.

Useful tid bit: Big Hair does international shipping  but for Caribbean contact the them directly to enquire  about specific destinations.


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