As I rapidly approach The Fabulous 4-0, I’ve finally come into my femininity. I was never the girl who thought much about make-up or too deeply about fashion.  NO I didn’t run around in grunge for most  of my adult life, but as my dress sense was mostly smart, neat, classic and practical  sometimes juvenile depending on my mood. I focused on a good skin and hair care regime,  healthy lifestyle and dressing to fit the occasion. Now that I have a baby girl and I read fashion and beauty blogs I want to up my game just a little. Here are my top 3 beauty finds for the on the go mum.




Orofluido Oil

Still being realistic, I don’t have lots of time to put on a face or twist and twirl my hair. I have an active toddler and I do like to get down and dirty with him. HOWEVER… I’ve taken to shopping for little beauty and fashion treats that make me feel that I’m in the world again and not under a rock. Also as an older mum, I feel the pressure to look my best for as long as I can. Teenagers can be cruel. I wouldn’t want to make my kids cringe when that phase of their life comes around. For my hair, I am currently using  Orofluido Oil.


Orofluido Oil (which contains Argan, Linseed Cypreus natural oils) on my wash-day after I’ve applied my leave-in conditioner but before I add my twist cream of choice. I should mention, I have 3B 3C type curly hair.
When my hair has dried, I oil my hands with Orofluido to take down my twists for my twist-out  hairstyle. My hair is never oily because the oil absorbs quickly and make it feel silky and sexy with a gorgeous light vanilla fragrance that wafts with every swish.







Nail Polish Stripes By Sally Hansen



I’ve tried my fair share of nail colours, pre-children.  I  used to change colours 2 -3 times per week. I no longer have the time to spare for such a beauty indulgence but thanks to nail wraps I can be in nail trend within minutes! Then, back to napping changing without the worry about smudging. I’ve only tried one brand so far, the Sally Hansen Salon Effect.

It was meant to last 10 days but it lasted me 5 and I was extremely happy with that, I need to improve my application technique.
Also, my hands go through all sorts during the day, as you can imagine with two little ones.

Revlon Balm Stain

My next BIG find was the Revlon balm stain! The lovely spring/summer colours are out; there are candy-like fuchsias, tangy oranges and the like. My balm of choice was the Rendezvous, not too corally not to tangy orange. I get moisture, a fab trendy colour and now messy application as it’s in a pencil from.
Easy peasie even for someone with shaky hands like me Yes Spring is finally here. How have you (re)vamped beauty regime? What’s your beauty find?





TOP TIPS: In all the excitement and after long days out don’t forget to ALWAYS remove makeup before bed.
Drink lots of water! It’s one of the single easiest way to care for your all round health.
(updated  6th June 2020)

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