The third January in the year (18th Jan this year) is said to be the saddest day, Blue Monday. Some say was a PR stunt by Sky Travel who worked with Dr. Cliff Arnall in 2005, to find out when the saddest day of the year occurred. The aim was to encourage people to book getaways. Well, not many of us will be travelling this winter. Days into January and I was struggling. When Christmas decorations came down and all the cosy glittering festiveness was gone, it was tough. I was back to walking to work in the rain albeit for exercise. Then, the harsh reality of another lockdown and home-schooling hit. Then suddenly, something shifted. The fresh air and purpose lifted the mist. I could see other ways to keep the good vibes going. Because two isn’t enough, I figured out five ways I could beat January blues.


Beating the January Blues

The weather in England can get to you. It’s bleak, grey and damp. Snow falls more in north. I guess the novelty soon wears off for those of live there, especially if it causes disruption. Still, for those of us in the south where it rains and floods, snow would be fun. In the absence of a winter wonderland, think of the things that make you happy and them adapt it to the seasons.

What I’m doing:
1. Add Pizazz to the everyday
2. Journaling
3. Reading (join a book  club!)
4. Tea Drinking
5. Walking (as exercise)

bold print

Add Pizazz To Every Day

Sparkle isn’t for just Christmas. If it makes you happy, throw in some sparkle and glitter by incorporating them into your accessories, makeup, homeware even stationery. Basically surround yourself with pretty things. I dug out an ole pretty plate I’ve had for years, now I have my snack on it. In keeping with the New Year, new plans, I ordered a diary for the first time in year and it has a new affirmation for each month. It’s so pretty, makes me smile every time.

If you’ve had enough of the sparkle, how about colour? Go bright and bold. Add a touch of colour to your wardrobe; brightly coloured coat, shoe, scarf. I’ve got a bright red pair of trainers and one that’s fuchsia and black, can’t miss them. Because I wear a face mask at various points in the day, I’ve gone bold with my eye makeup (when I wear makeup). Still, let’s not give up on the lippy. Us ladies  know lipstick makes it better. I’m fond of blues and greens but red, you can never go wrong with red. Of course there pink! Shades like Sushi Flower by Illusions Cosmetics and Trademark Pink by Mary Kay are brown beauty friendly.

At home, we’ve softened things up a bit. Inspired by cosy hygge style we’ve added few accents of it with faux fur cushions, winter spice candles, warm drinks and comfort food. Brightly coloured dishes makes for a happy tummy and better mood to beat the January blues.

cosy reading


I can’t talk enough about journaling. In fact last lock down I wrote a piece about writing away lockdown anxiety. However, a journal doesn’t have to be words.

You can keep an art journal  It would be an opportunity to experiment with your artistic side, colours, textures. Put your raw emotions into art.



You probably know by now, reading is one of my favourite pastimes but it can be a lonely sometimes. I rarely get have the opportunity to talk books with anyone, so, I joined a book club! It’s the first time I’ve ever joined a book club. I’m so excited, I think found my tribe. What better way to combat January blues thank a good book and conversation.

Find your book tribe and jump in. To get you started here are a few I know about (there are many more out) :


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Tea Drinking

The Brits are well known for their ‘Drink Tea and Carry On’ mind-set. I’m well into it now which is a far cry from my childhood days. I used to run away from my ‘bush tea’ or try to find a somewhere to pour it out. See me now paying for some of the herbs used to make tea, the very ones that grew in our back yard!

Among my favourites teas there are: Damask Rose Tea, Lemon Grass, Ginger. They all have uplifting aromas. On days when I need something extra, I go for Giant Flowering Bulbs Tea. The Thousand Year Red Flowers are a pretty brilliant pinky-red. When it unfolds it certainly adds flair to tea time. I never get bored of seeing the blub bob, flower and twirl in the water. It’s like poetry in motion and never fails to make me smile.


Walking (as exercise)

Fresh air blows the mist away. I enjoy walking particularly if it’s scenic route. The walk to work is basic but sometimes I take another path or walk a litter further beyond my home in pursuit of a green space to unwind for a few minutes. My mind just wanders and I feel free. It’s also gentler on my knees.

If walking isn’t for you, find an exercise you enjoy, even if it just to dance. Turn up the music and dance like no one is watching. The point is to find a way to move and exercise . During national lock down we found some amazing walks and I’ve kept of the habit of exploring different paths and woodland . I’ll leave you with one of them. See our video below.


What do you do in Winter to keep your spirits up? How do you beat the January Blues? Are you coping with being in lockdown?

Comment below, I would love to hear from you.



(updated 17th January 2022)


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