I love swimming, particularly in the sea. One of my earliest memories was my first visit beach trip, while on holiday in St. Vincent. Naturally, I was beyond excited about our two weeks family staycation in Pembrokeshire. I’d checked online and made a list of the beaches closest to our chalet. In my mind, we’d be at the beach all day every day with our inflatables and snacks. My bikinis were packed; then the weather took a down turn. I’m not ashamed to say by the time we rocked up at the chalet to cold winds and grey skies I was close to tears.  Hubby saved the day driving to the next town on our first morning to buy us all wetsuits.  He saved our staycation. We lived our best beach life while in Pembs.


Beach Life In Trewent Park

Our holiday base was Trewent Park Freshwater Bay Holiday Village. It was 10 minutes’ walk from the beach. There were two coastal paths up, alongside the left and right of the beach.  On one of the clearer days, the kids and I walked along one of them. It was quite picturesque through lush foliage and allowed us to see the colourful mini beasts and flowers of the area.  At some points we were also able to lookout at the panoramic sea view. My mind was blown. As far as the eyes could see there was nothing but blue skies and aqua waters.

Beach Life




My Pembs Place


My Pembs Place was definitely the beach but it’s hard to choose one. If you have seen any of my photos on Insta, the Pembs beaches each have their own sensational views. Some beaches were harder to get to than other but were always worth the trek.

We visited Barafundle Bay, Broadhaven West, Freshwater East, Saundersfoot and Tenby South.



Living Our Best Beach Life


There are many activities that a family can enjoy on the beach, in Pembrokeshire. Each beach in Pembs has it’s own feature. Some beaches are best for water sports and others for a bucket and spade experience.

Additionally, if you like long walks there are several coastal paths to enjoy. Coastal walks allow you to enjoy the beach views from a higher vantage point, as well as, spot local flora and fauna. I’m sure your little adventurers will enjoy this as much as mine did. However, if you have a babes in arms or toddler check your path before going, not all are buggy friendly.


Rock Pooling


Pembrokeshire has great beaches to rock pool on. I noticed that the tide was usually out during the day and started to come in slowly around 4pm. We rock pooled at Broadhaven South and Freshwater East around noon. Novices that we are, we only managed to catch one tiny fish, a sea snail and sea mites but it was such fun!

Broadahaven South was a mission to get to. I estimate it took about 25 minutes walk from the car park to the beach. Children under three years old might be best transported in a baby carrier. The walk took us down steep stairs, through lush woodlands passing lily ponds. Once on the beach we found small caves and rock pools. The kids and I rock pooled for a while. When they went off to play in the sand, I climbed the rocks to join the coastal path above the beach for a better view. I know it sounds cliché but my heart really did sing. I felt so at peace up there, looking out into the azure horizon.

At Freshwater East beach we simply walked down to the beach, across the golden sands to the rocky end of the beach. There were lots of fishes but it was an epic fail. We didn’t catch any there. I only caught a sand skipper for my trouble but that too excited us. We’d never seen one before.





Swimming in the Sea


None of us could bare cold water which is why the wetsuits were a life saver.  Although we visited Castle Beach, Tenby and Saunders Foot we didn’t bath. We only explored the towns. However, we did bath at Barafundle Bay and Freshwater East. Barafundle Bay was a dream. I can confirm it is as picturesque as Caribbean beaches just not as warm.




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Getting to Barafundle Bay required a mini trek which was half a mile from the nearest car park in Stackpole Village. I’m talking up steep stairs up to a coastal path then down stairs again. Of course the kids moaned but once on the beach they had a fantastic time. I counted my blessings that day, for the opportunity to see and bath in that beautiful bay.



Final Word on Pembs Beach Life


I was sad to leave but as a family we were better for that stay. I found myself in Pembs. Every moment I had to myself on the coastal paths felt so pure it’s hard to explain. We also bonded more as family. There’s nothing better than trikes into the woodlands to build team spirit, right?

Search hashtag #TTTonStaycation to view more snaps from our stay.




(updated 28th June 2020)




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