It’s been many months since I last share with you in a blog what I’ve been doing in our garden. In Autumn I planted new wild flower seeds from Grow Wild. In the winter I cut back the lavender, lavendula and rose bush. The wild flowers from spring died off slowly; eventually we were left with just a few pansies for colour over the bleak months. In spring this year planted a few more wildflower seeds (from my Wilko stock) and hoped for the best.


Weed Love

I’m happy to report that our back garden is coming along nicely. I’m still very much a novice. I allow plants to grow several inches to enable to identify if they are weeds or wildflowers. I’m slowly getting better and working out what’s a weed and what’s not. However I do allow some ‘weeds’ to grow, if I like their formation, like Petty Spurge. I’m not a fan of Chickweed or Groundsel. I’ve made peace with Dandelions because I discovered the bees enjoy to foraging on them. White Clover and Creeping Buttercups grows on the lawn which I sometime allow to over grow so the bees can forage and we can observe them. They are also quite fond of the overgrown weed section, I’ve left for them at back corner of the garden… but…

… so does the neighbours cats!


Nature Lovers

Our garden is not super neat. I’m not too precious about it. It’s a small space for us to observe nature from home and have fun. My only rules are no balls in the flower bed, don’t pick the flowers before they’ve bloomed AND don’t kill the mini beasts. In terms of wildflowers this year we’ve had: Corn Cockle, Lupin, Nigella. There lots more I should have had from the pack. I think I’ll curb my ‘weeding’ for a bit and see what happens.


Completed Garden Tasks

We’ve have also spruced up it up a little:

  • New fence (which has been painted)
  • Shed has been repainted
  • Scrubbed the decking
  • Bought new garden accessories (still need bunting though)
  • Lawn cut and trimmed
  • New kiddie slide

I’m looking forward to the summer holidays with the kids. We do luv splash and bubble fun, although, we’ve bought a smaller inflatable pool this year. Bubble machine on standby… I can hardly wait see what new wildflowers pop out and the bug friends who come to visit.


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