Hey, did you know Dove has a babycare range? Well, neither did I!  Untill a just over a months ago, when I attended their 60th Birthday Party in London. Although my kids have passed their baby years, I was intrigued. I wanted to try them. I received a few of the products in my event goodie bag. I trialled them for one month with Valentina. As you know she has eczema which we try to manage with a combination of organic and prescribed products. Thankfully, the situation is not severe, at time trial she only had a few dry itchy patches. We love Baby Dove Rich Moisture.

Baby Dove has everything parents need to care for baby’s delicate skin head to toe.  From the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range I trialled three of their products on Valentina:

  • Rich Moisture Head to Toe Wash
  • Rich Moisture Lotion
  • Rich Moisture Shampoo

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Head to Toe is gentle enough to be used on newborns. Admittedly, some mums (including myself) don’t use products on babies for the first couple of week. Cultural beliefs and practices vary. Nonetheless, some mums prefer to bath baby from day one using store bought products. Now, Dove has its own range which is a gentle option. I used the Head to Toe wash on Valentina intermittently for the past month in the shower. (Sometimes she preferred to have a bubble bath.) She tends to get dry itchy patches from time. Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Head to Toe didn’t irritate her skin or cause those patches to flare up.  Her brother Angelo, who’s never had a problem with eczema, also enjoyed using the wash from time to time. He loved the smell which is like a mild baby powder type fragrance.  The Head To Toe lathered well. After rinsing, the kids’ skin didn’t feel striped or dry, only soft and moisturised. Dove says it’s; As gentle as water and ophthalmologist, dermatologist, and paediatrician-tested, you can trust this tear-free and hypoallergenic baby body wash to take the stress out of bathtime.

I always follow-up Valentina’s showers and baths an application of lotion to her skin. During our Baby Dove Rich Moisture trial I applied the Rich Moisture Lotion. Some dry patches she had prior to the trial went away in time but other’s required her usual prescribed cream. I was aware that would be the case because Dove advises that while Rich Moisture is kind to sensitive and eczema prone skin but it’s not a cure. I was advised by Dove in times of flare-ups use what was prescribed by the GP. The Rich Moisture Lotion felt rich and silky in my hands. Once I applied it to Valentina’s skin, it really locked in the moisture in her skin. I’ve even used it on my hand. Mother’s hands take quite a beating during the day. I like the moisture and that baby fresh smell.

We used the Rich Moisture Shampoo four times during our trial. I wash Valentina’s hair weekly. She has waist length wavy hair. The shampoo lathered well and cleaned her hair and scalp. However, her hair had a slight crunchy feel which shampoos with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate tend to give.  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is one the ingredients that people with curly/kinky hair types try to avoid because it can be to drying for our hair. Valentina has what is known as type 2B curly hair, so the effects were minimal for her. I tried the shampoo on Angelo who has straight hair with very good results. His hair is very straight and prone to be oily. The shampoo it worked well for him. I’d say in my experience, Rich Moisture Shampoo will work for babies with short straight/soft curly hair. If baby’s hair has a tight curl pattern, or if hair is of a length that requires detangling, then consider following up with a hair conditioner. Newborns often have little or no hair in which case Rich Moisture Shampoo is a suitable choice.

Over all we were very happy with Baby Dove Rich Moisture. We continue to use it now. Sometimes I even use the Head To Toe for gentle bubble bath because it lathers so well. Have you tried on Dove Baby products? How did it work you for? Leave a comment below this post.


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