… really, not AGAIN!

One of the most scariest things happened to me last weekend. NOW, I know that the cough I’d had a couples days prior was a WARNING. I had an asthma attack on the London Underground.

How I Ended Up In A&E Due To An Asthma Attack

Prior to the attack I’d had a cough for a couple days. I thought maybe I’d had one too many creamy goodies over the Christmas holidays. I sometimes get phlemy after too much cream. However, by Saturday on, my journey into the City the cough got worse. I stopped off to buy cough syrup. Then, I met a mate for an early dinner. I didn’t expect a miracle but I thought there’d be some improvement. No such luck, I coughed all through dinner and en route home it be become harder and harder to breathe.

Long story short staff at the underground came to my assistance. Rightly or wrongly, I declined their offer of an ambulance. I wanted to be closer to my family. Going to a hospital in Central London would have made it difficult for Hubby to get to me with two little ones. He was on baby-sitting duty and we had no one close-by to look after the children. So, I was assisted onto the carriage and rode all the way to my stop head practically between my legs (VERY lady-like) to ease the pressure of my chest. Hubby met me at my stop. We headed straight to our local hospital’s A&E. It was early evening and not too busy, I was taken care of quickly and with kindness.

My Last Asthma Attack

Here’s the thing… I hadn’t an asthma attack in 20 years … prior to that not since childhood. Twenty years ago, I ended up in A&E as well.  During childhood, my asthma flare-ups were a regular occurrence. It was dealt with via a combination of antibiotics and grass-roots herbal medicines. One time, someone’s ‘ole aunt’ who smoked a pipe was called upon by my grandmother  to smoke over head. My hair was loosened (back then my natural curly hair was thick), parted down the middle. I sat on the floor while she smoked over my head. Dunno what it was meant to do. I must ask my mum … anyway… I don’t remember ever having a cough before that big attack.

I’ve been off Ventolin (reliever inhaler) since 2002.  I thought I’d said ‘goodbye’ to the condition. I was totally unprepared for an attack AND in PUBLIC. Turns out I had a viral infection which triggered the cough which lead to my asthma attack.



Adult Asthma

Since my asthma attack, I’ve been reading information online. I was totally surprised to find out that what happened to me was not irregular:

  • can be caused by a viral infections or it can be due to occupation
  • most adult suffers were diagnosed as children
  • more women suffer from asthma than men.

There is a wealth of information out there and I was pleased to stumble upon the Asthma UK website. They even a number to call and speak to an asthma nurse. I found their information to be clear, concise and the site is easy to navigate.


My Recovery

It’s been 4 days since the occurrence, I’m still not 100%. I get tired and breathless easily. I feel a bit worn out and I need my inhaler, sometimes during the day but certainly at night to sleep. I realise that there is SO much I didn’t know  my asthma. If I did, I would have taken better care, even though  I was no longer suffering from attacks.

Knowing what can be a trigger to your asthma is one step towards managing it, I think so anyway. The plan is I’m going to continue educating myself best I can …



If you are an adult suffering from Asthma, I’d love to hear from you.  Do you know your asthma triggers? How do you cope with the condition? How long does it take you to recover from an attack? Please share your story.




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