I really enjoyed weaning Angelo onto solids. He was happy to try anything. More often than not he’d eat what he was given. Then he turned two and it went all went down-hill.  We seemed lose our way; him not wanting to eat much and me with newborn to take care of as well. Finding meals that would interest him was a challenge. The list of things he’ll happily eat has shrunk considerably.  I call what he eats the C-Food diet: Cake; Carrots; Cereal; Cheese; Chicken; Chips; Corn; Cucumber. We had success with Annabel Karmel’s ‘New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner’ when he was weaning. So I pitched for the opportunity via BritMums Working with Brands Group to review her new book ‘Quick & Easy Toddler recipes’. Unfortunately, we didn’t have as much success this time around.

‘Quick & Easy Toddler recipes’ books is ‘heaven sent’. It’s packed with gorgeous recipes all attractively presented. While it may not be a miracle worker, it will give culinary inspiration.  The recipes will take toddlers on a festive food journey; however, parents/carers of fussier eaters may still have a little challenge. “The book contains over 100 delicious, nutritious, time-saving recipes packed full of natural flavour.  Breakfast, healthy snacks, lunch and dinner all feature in this beautifully designed new book along with plenty of time-saving tips and tricks to encourage children to eat well and experiment with  different sweet and savoury flavours.” Taste buds will be dancing with delight.

I looked at the dishes and was really excited to try a few. I prepared the:

  • Couscous Salad
  • Eaton Mess
  • Hot Plum Chicken Wrap
  • Quick Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti                                                                                                      

Admittedly, I didn’t stick to the recipes rigidly. I tried to cater to Angelo’s new palate. For the couscous I added Tuna and Butter Beans and I severed the tomato on the side. 
For the pasta I tired  Fusilli instead of Spaghetti.
I allowed him to build his own wrap and it along with the Eaton Mess was the most successful meals. 
Angelo ate more than usual (and hubby had two helpings), even though he left the tortilla wraps untouched.  Busy parents and carers will find this book easy to use and the dishes truly are quick and easy. I didn’t time it but I’m guessing the wrap took 20 mins tops and Eaton Mess even less. (SSSHhh The Mess was a bit of a mess, due to my poor whipping action).  It’s so easy you can have the kids join in which is another way to get them interested in food.

Angelo loves being in the kitchen and he tends to eat more if he’s been involved in the preparation. However, he’s not that adventurous with his food any more. He is fussy about textures and prefers hard and/or crunchy crisp foods. Hence the success with the chicken wraps. I’d like to try the stir fries next; I think he’ll like those. I’ve not totally cracked the code on getting him to eat as much as I think he should, but we are getting there. I love’ Quick & Easy Toddler recipes’ but with the current phrase that Angelo is in, I’ll probably not be able use it in its entirety.  Perhaps in a few months things will settle. Nonetheless, I would certainly recommend the book to parents/carers because I think its creative and the meals will be enjoyed by all in the family. And for more info on what Annabel’s got cooking, why not visit her website

Bon Appetit!

Please note this is not a sponsored but however I was sent the book for the purpose of reviewing it.


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