My friend Debbie has been doing amazing things during the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. She’s truly inspirational. I decided to share her story with you. Debbie’s made a mark on my life that I had to pause and think, ‘how did we meet?!’ It feels like a lifetime ago but, it was back in 2016 at an Amway launch event. I was invited by a PR company. She was plus one to another attendee. We happened to sit at the same table. She heard my accent and knew I was a fellow Trini. We clicked, swapped numbers, set up a WhatsApp group to share motivational content and inspire each other to pursue our goals; rest is history. England’s in the midst of battling with a global pandemic, Deborah Nero-Adeoye, set up a scrub hub in her area to make scrubs for NHS Frontline Workers.



The Deborah Nero-Adeoye Interview


TTT: Tell us a bit about your self

DNA: My name is Deborah Nero-Adeoye, and I’m a wife, mother of two and I label myself as an Eclectic Creative. Over the years I saw this as a problem as my over-all vision crossed many creative sectors… and all I know is this is my aspiration. I say to myself if the big brands can have their hands in architecture, interiors, furniture design, soft furnishings, food and beauty… Then, I can pave a path for my destiny.


TTT: What inspires your work?

DNA: My creative interests stretch far and wider than an elastic band! I paint, knit, crochet, sew and more, under the label DNA Designs I collate my interests in everything around me. It’s a walk in the park, visiting an art gallery or museum, attending an inspiring workshop or lecture.  I’ve been creative from a young age but I am now embracing it.

TTT: Tell us about your role in ScrubHub.

DNA:   In this “new normal” I found myself like the rest of the nation having to adapt to lockdown and social distancing. So, I took a step back to fully grasp what was happening and how I would adapt. Shortly after, I had a conversation with a colleague. She mentioned her involvement in a local community group that was making scrubs for our Front Line NHS workers. I made contact with the group leader and that is how Kingston Scrub Hub was born.

I project managed and worked alongside 4 other ladies, for Scrub Hub Kingston. Together we made blue scrubs jazzed it up with prints donated by my employer, Liberty London. The pieces were eclectic with matching scrubs bags. I knew from news reports that scrubs were in low supply, so it was important to me to be of assistance. Many of my family members work in the service including my husband, aunts and cousins. Even my mother, she’s a retired nurse; so, I know first-hand how hard NHS employees work.

While working for the scrub hub, I was still caring for my family, home-schooling and keeping house. I look back after having sleepless nights with an air of accomplishment.  All that I have achieved, remind me my 2020 Mantra; Just Jump.

Although I come across as being very confident, I experience “self-doubt” which is why I promised myself to take chances and do things differently for 2020. Opportunities presented? Just Jump! Travel to places unheard of? Just Jump! Run a marathon… JUST JUMP!


TTT: What’s in the future for you brand Deborah Nero-Adeoye and DNA Designs ?

DNA:  Our ‘new normal’ may look bleak to many, but I for one am grabbing the bull by the horns and rolling with it. DNA Designs could be taken to the next level. When else in our lifetime will we get a moment to press pause… Breathe… AND Exhale….


Deborah Nero-Adeoye

I’m working on a collection of paintings to record my recent visit to Lagos, Nigeria. Lockdown was established just after my return from a family visit there.  While in Lagos, there was so much to inspire me.   I have scraps of papers and notes in my sketchbook of drawings I want to expand and create a collection based on my travel experience.

My last solo exhibition 10 years ago! So for sure something is due now… even if it’s and Instagram LIVE to start with.




… and by no means least, finish the sentence ’Yuh is ah Trini fuh true if yuh … can turn any situation into a calypso.


You can find Debbie and her work on Instagram. I hope you enjoyed this interview. Let me know by commenting below.





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