I recently attended a private screening of the Black Panther movie hosted by Curlture. Jay and Tri, the force behind Curlture rocked a pair of wicked Wakanda tees on their Insta to promote the screening. Those gorgeous tees were from Solus Samurai. I complemented the ladies on their tees and began to follow Solus Samurai practically eyeballing the products every day and commenting since. Then, I found out brainchild behind the brand has Trini roots. Naturally, I had to share her story with my readers. This is The Tiger Tales’ interview with Cher, founder of Solus Samurai, a lifestyle design brand.


About Cher


TTT: Please tell us about yourself.

C: Hey, my name is Cher. I was born in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago but I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. I am the founder and designer of Solus Samurai, a lifestyle design brand I created for introverts and nerds like myself.

TTT: It’s clear from your work; you are a fan of animation and comic heroes. When did this fascination begin? And what is it about the genre that you enjoy?

C: Yeah, absolutely! I remember being 8 or 9 years old watching the Xmen animated series along with Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. At the time I enjoyed it because they were cartoons with tons of action but it wasn’t until I got older did I appreciate the storylines that sometimes mirrored real life themes. Somewhere around this timeline I also got into anime and comic books. Cartoons, anime, comic books they are all wonderful forms of entertainment, with fantastical over-exaggerated story lines with beautiful imagery along with it. It’s hard to think of my life without them.

Setting-Up Solus Samurai


TTT: What was the catalyst for you starting your business?

C: I always knew I wanted to start a business but wasn’t sure what, how or when. It wasn’t until I became a full time engineer (a demanding position riddled with processes) that I began craving a creative outlet where I can express myself and have something to call my own.

TTT: Can you share with us your most rewarding feedback to date?

C: Honestly the positive feedback from my most recent Welcome to Wakanda collection was overwhelming and unexpected. I am so happy my products were well received. I worked on it for several months and have many moments of self doubt that I had to talk myself through. I appreciate all the love and support I received. I am so happy I didn’t give in to my fears.



Advice For Entrepreneurs 


TTT: Do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs who see themselves introverts?

C: You are going to feel uncomfortable and scared on many occasions but do it anyway. You’re going to have to talk when you don’t want to, even meet new people when you don’t want to but do it anyway. Just take it one step at a time and keep going. Advice I have to remind myself frequently.

TTT: Finish the sentence ‘yuh is ah trini fuh true if…’

C: Ketchup and pepper sauce are your favourite condiments. Yuh know what is macaronie pie and you add ‘ish’ to things…. “the event will be done around 2ish” lol. And Trini Christmas is de best!


Get Social


You can find Solus Samurai  Twitter. and Cher’s personal account is on Instagram, where she shares about her life in Japan.



(Updated 28th August 2020)




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