It’s globally accepted that Christmas is a time for children. The majesty, sacredness and wonder of the season can best be appreciated through the innocence of a child’s eyes. Growing up Caribbean, I never believed the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus it didn’t fit my worldview. However, my children born in England do, even albeit Santa doesn’t look like them. Perhaps it’s accepted because living in England, the media predominantly features white people and their experiences. Frankly, it feels like a negation of other races, especially black people. Finding diverse toys at Christmas is a mission. Then, last year a ray of light came in the form of an article. Two entrepreneurs started a business making Christmas decorations and the characters were Black! I have been following March Muses ever since. It’s a brand that celebrates blackness and makes our children feel seen. This is March Muses’ interview.


Establishing March Muses



TTT: Tell us a bit about yourselves?

MM: We are Croydon born entrepreneurs, Alison Burton and Natalie Duvall, Directors of March Muses and Creative Spotlight and we decided to add a splash of colour to the UK Christmas in 2019.

Our first business, Creative Spotlight, already successfully brings the magic of Christmas and theatre to thousands of children each year with their personalised Home Elf Visits.  It’s 6th year. However, we knew we could do more to make Christmas super special, whilst representing the diversity of all families in the UK.



TTT: What was the catalyst for starting March Muses? AND do you hand make the decorations yourselves?

MM: In the run up to Christmas 2018, Natalie and I searched high and low for black Christmas tree ornaments in the UK. Natalie found nothing online. I found one black angel in Treasures, South Norwood.  The shop owner, Heather, explained that she had hand painted a white angel…black, which I obviously purchased.

Based on the lack of these products in the UK, in February 2019 we began planning and designing our product range of black angels, babies and a black Santa.  We then collaborated with suppliers who make each product by hand, bringing our creations to market.

March Muses products were launched on 12 October 2019. We decided on the name March Muses because we were both born in March and each of our figurines are named after an inspirational person of colour.

March Muses

 March Muses’ Products



TTT: What’s your most requested item?

MM: All of our products were really popular. However, our black Santa named Pops Christmas and female angel, Andrea with her Afro hair and praying hands were the first to be completely sold out!



TTT: What has been the best customer feedback you have had so far?

MM: The support and feedback we received for our newly launched products was just fantastic! It is impossible to pick just one feedback but what was most touching to know was that people of all nationalities absolutely loved our products and also shared our vision for these diverse Christmas ornaments to be available in the UK.

We were interviewed by Judi Love @ BBC Radio, PA Media, the Metro, BBC need, ITV news Channel 5 news and also gained global exposure from Yahoo! as well as an interview on Talk Radio’s Badass Woman Hour.

The Future For March Muses



TTT: How has Covid-19 impacted your business and the way you work?

MM: As we are an online business, luckily we have not been impacted by Covid-19 in relation to our products.

Christmas begins for us in February anyway, so we have taken this time to design new products and strategically plan ways to develop our business further.



TTT: Where do you see the business in the next three years?

MM: Right now, we are the go to brand for Christmas tree ornaments of colour in the UK.  In the next 3 years, we see our business continuing to grow, having established collaborations with other global brands and particularly other amazing black businesses that we are inspired by.

Now more than ever we need to support each other.  We fly the flag for diversity, inclusion, female entrepreneurship and black women in business.



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You can follow March Muses on Instagram, as well as, Alison’s and Natalie’s other business Creative Spotlight which as mentioned above brings the Christmas experience directly into your home.

For further information about March Muses products and how to order visit the website  . Additionally, they can be contact via telephone on  (Office) 020 3715 745  or (Mob ) 07958195031


I hope you enjoyed this interview; please comment below. Share you thoughts below.  What does being able to find these products mean to you? Maybe you want to talk about the Christmas of your childhood. Comment in the box below.





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