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As you know by now its not very often that I get out and about on my own and even rarer is my attendance at a blog events. Last month was one such rare occasion. I had been invited to be a part of a focus group to discuss buggies. It seemed PROVIDENCE! Only the day before the buggy that Angelo and Valentina take turns in using was stolen. YES, you read it correctly,         S-T-O-L-E-N from inside my building in front my door, but I digress. At the time, I was so pissed off I thought all my contributions would be about buggy security but that was not the case. At the Kiddicare focus group, I relaxed, I chatted a bit but more importantly I learnt a lot about baby products, especially buggies.

The focus group was pretty chilled out and I had a lovely time becoming reacquainted with Karen. I’d met her at the Croydon Kiddicare launch, as she represented Jo from the Mum Friendly blog. I also finally met Sammie from One Pink One Blue. We often chat on Twitter and I usually follow her into taking part in blog competitions but we’ve never met face to face! It was also lovely meeting new bloggers, one of whom was Kip who blogs over on Kip Hakes. Daddy bloggers are like gold dust at such events it seems to me. Also in attendance were: Liska from New Mum Online , Kelly from Tias Mum 12, Rachel from Confession of a SAHM Ruth from RocknRoller Baby, Clare from Emmys Mummy, Anna from In The Playroom  and Jo from My Monkeys Don´t Sit Still.  I have to say that I felt like I’d missed out on a shopping thrill both pre and post pregnancy. Even after two babies, I’m clueless about what’s out there to make life easier. Hubby and I still receive la few things second-hand as we were late bloomers amongst our friends in the baby-making department

So, are you curious about the REAL reason for the focus group… well… I can say it’s all in aid of improving the service that Kiddicare offers…

STAY TUNED! I’ll let you know HOT of the press when everything is ready… 


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