Last month I attended the Autumn Fashion Fix event at Centrale Shopping Mall, Croydon. After the event I meandered around to see what else was on offer that day. As luck would have it, Hello Gorgeous Studio was running a charity raffle. I took about five chances in the hope I’d win something. A few days later I received a call telling me, I’d one a makeover and photo shoot. As you can imagine, I was over the moon! I’ve been wanting to have professional photos done for well over a year. It took a while to find a date and time convenient to me and my family, because hubby works weekends. In the end I opted for the last appointment on a Saturday. My afternoon with Hello Gorgeous was fantastic fun!


On Arriving At Hello Gorgeous

On the Saturday of my appointment with Hello Gorgeous, I got myself and the kids ready in order that we leave as soon as hubby arrived home. When I’d made the booking, I was offered the chance to have a family shoot but I decided I wanted to make it all about me. As mum how often do you get to make it all about you? Hey my excuse is my 41st birthday is around the corner, in the likely event that I don’t have a chance to celebrate as I would like this was my me time. I took it with both hands, an evening of cocktails, pretty clothes, makeup and photos.

I arrived a few minutes late but staff were very warm and friendly. I was given a form to complete to with my choice of photography style, makeup, what areas (flaws) I wanted to cover up, what allergies I had and a few other details. I went for the fashion editorial photo shoot, why not go all out, RIGHT?

photo shoot

Outfits For The Photoshoot

I wanted to do what I’ve never done before with my photos, with an view to use them when relevant for the blog and interviews.  I went for bold eyes, nude lips and big curly natural hair.

For my three outfits, I’d selected a black wrap dress with ruched effect at the front and back, a royal blue snake print dress from Matthew Williamson and a burgundy check dress from Red Herring.


Makeup For Photo Shoot

I also took… just in case my own highlighter (from blackUP) corrector (by Sleek) and face powder (from MAC). They highlighter and concealer was used but they stocked my shade of MAC Mineralized powder.


The Photo  Shoot

I was more at ease when I realized that my photographer would be female. She was fabulous and gave me direction and suggestions to get the best out of my photo. shoot. The time went quickly but I didn’t feel rushed. Due to time constraints on my side I had to wait another week for seeing the results. I was meant to have one print free but I knew I’d end up spending some money.




How could I sit and look at photos of myself all glammed up and walk away with one?! I paid for four photos on a memory stick instead. Honestly, it would have been great to have a few more but can’t justify spending hubby’s hard earned money photos of myself. As a housewife, I have to balance my treats with that of what the family needs.





I had my moment and a few fantastic photos to show for it. I definitely recommend an evening like this, its a wonderful pick me out for those of us who wander around tired, dazed and covered with snot and dribble. I’m taking baby steps back to being me.


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