Over the years I’ve suffered with dark puffy circles under my eyes, with varying degrees of intensity. I’ve come to learn that some of the reasons I developed dark circles at any point in time were one or a combination of the following reasions; not drinking enough water, sleep deprivation, eye strain (not using my reading glasses) and sinus (hay-fever makes me congested and the pressure affects the area under my eyes). I’ve tried home remedies which have worked but now that I’m approaching 40+ I feel I should be doing a bit more. Then I was introduced to Clinique’s All About Eyes™ Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage.


Managing Eye Conditions 

In the past, for eye strain and tiredness, I’ve used cool cucumber slices on my eyes. It’s quite soothing and helps with the puffiness. To relieve the pressure of congestion, I’ve used my finger tips to  gently but firmly massage around the eyes from  brow  to under eye bone  area which is relaxing and also works. However, extra help is needed to maintain the skin itself, along with good diet and hydration. 


All About Eyes

About a month ago I popped into Boots in Kingston and the male attendant at the Clinique counter was amazing! He recommend their All About Eyes™ Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage because I’m in doors mostly. I’d tried their All About Eyes cream some years ago. It was OK but it didn’t wow me. I opted to try the de-puffing serum because of its roll-on feature. It could also be stored in the fridge. I felt this would be perfect, and it was!


The Results

It worked like a dream. I was told that unlike the cream this serum could be applied several times per day and could be applied over concealer. I’ve not tried that though. It’s affordable but at £22, it’s not cheap. I’m trying to make the serum last as long as possible. Once applied in under 5 minutes I noticed results. I rarely have to use corrector anymore. On the occasions that I do it’s really for have an all round good finish with my makeup.

The serum is light and runny, almost like a glycerin consistency. It absorbs quickly into the skin. The roller ball is metallic and because I store the serum in the fridge its always very cool. I’m pretty sure that cool serum being massaged into the skin with a cool ball makes the serum more even more effective.


Additionally Info

On the Clinique website in details about the product it states:

‘ All skin types.This instantly cooling serum refreshes and hydrates puffy eyes with dark circles on contact. Brightens eye area immediately. With caffeine, antioxidants and soothing botanicals. Oil-free, non-irritating. Ophthamologist tested.’

I can confirm the product does what it promises.  However, I couldn’t find any information on the SPF on the product or on the website. I’m guessing that means there is none. If you are outdoors often, I’d suggest that you seek advice on what eye cream or serum is best for your particular needs. I’m indoors mostly but I also need to invest in an eye cream for those occasions when I’m outdoors.

At any rate this product ticks all the boxes for me at this point in time.

I’m now youthfully bright-eyed again… and now to get new reading glasses!




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