A couple weeks ago, my Pesodent smile was put to the test. I had to sessions in front of the camera having photos done. I posed for a brand that I love, more on that soon. Prior to that I had some photos done for my blog and usual media. I wanted good quality photos that were not selfies. Thanks to Motherhood Reconstructed I discovered the work of Nyssa Paige. I had great time having my photos done, Nyssa made me feel relaxed enough to be myself.

I can now reveal the images Nyssa took of me in the scenic South Park Gardens, Wimbledon. It was a very windy autumn afternoon,  but my curly tresses kept their form till the end.
I wanted photos that ‘down to earth’, free spirited, depicting my love of the outdoors and simple pleasures. I got just that. I think you can really get a sense of my personality, don’t you?

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