I’ve been hearing good things about the brand Afrocenchix for a few years now. I’ve wanted to try their products but we kept missing each other at hair events. They do have an online shop but I kept forgetting to order, my to do list is never ending.  So, when Joycelyn and Rachael (founders of Afrocenchix) kindly sent me a few products from their range, I deeply was touched.  I used the products for over two weeks. Afrocenchix gave my curls long lasting shine and moisture.


The Condition of my hair pre-trial


My natural hair colour treated last year. In order to have the bright red and purple pop, some of my hair was bleached. Now that the autumn/winter red and purple has washed out, the blond and browns bleached hair began to show in time for the Spring.  On hair wash day, I treat my hair as damaged hair to keep it hydrated to prevent unnecessary breakage. Afrocenchix gave me my hair the moisture boost it needed.

Trialling Afrocenchix


I trailed four products from the Afrocenchix haircare range. I used their:

  • 250ml Swish shampoo- £13
  • 250ml Smooth moisturising hair cream- £12
  • 250ml Sheen moisture spray- £8
  • 150ml Seal 100% natural hair oil- £10


My Afrocenchix hair wash regime began with their Swish (sulphate-free) shampoo. It lathered well and cleaned my hair and scalp without stripping them.  I LOVED the lemongrass fragrance, so uplifting. I followed the shampoo with my usual conditioner from another brand. While the conditioner was in I detangled my hair.


Styling 3B / 3C Curly Hair Type

After towel drying my hair I applied the Smooth hair cream as my styling aid. The hair cream had a rich consistency.  Upon application it felt a bit heavy and clammy on my damp hair. I didn’t use too much, probably £2 coin size by three.

Then, I followed with the Seal oil (£2 coin by 1) before drying my hair with the diffuser. Seal contains coconut oil and jojoba oil both of which my hair loves! As well as other rich oils. I noticed once my hair dried, it looked and felt super soft, bouncy and hydrated.



The Results on 3B / 3C Curly Hair Type


While my curls were not as well defined as when I’ve used a gel I was happy with the results. From my experience I believe Smooth will work excellent for braidout and twistout styles and better definition would be achieved as well. However, I didn’t try those techniques on my own hair because it’s too thin. I had even better results when I styled my hair in pony tails and corn rows, using Smooth. The cream kept my hair neat without frizz and flyaways.


Afrocenchix’s Smooth

Smooth can also be used as a leave-in conditioner. A little goes a long way with use as little or as much as you need based on your curl type and the condition of the hair.  I would say that Smooth is suitable for all curl types.


Afrocenchix’s Sheen

I used the Sheen spray to refresh day two washngoes and throughout the week. It’s probably my favourite product! Sheen contains Aloe Vera and Grapeseed. Although I’ve used moisture sprays in the past, sometimes they made my hair feel tacky. Sheen didn’t. It refreshed the overall look and feel of my curls.

Where to buy


Afrocenchix is a British brand. The products are made in the UK using with fairtrade and organic ingredients. The ones I trialled worked well together and alongside other good quality haircare products.


Since my initial trial the brand changed their their look and increased their range;Swirl is a silicone-free conditioner. 


Shop the range from Afrocenchix’s website. Afrocenchix has all the products you’ll need to care for natural hair.

Afrocenchix makes natural simple.



(Updated 13th June 2020)



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