Having two little children that now speak has changed the communication dynamics in our household. Angelo has been speaking for a longer period of time. He’s fully capable of having a conversation. The thing is he likes to interrupt when others are speaking. Valentina is a fluent speaker. While her vocabulary is broad for a three year old, she’s not at the level as her brother. She Sometimes ‘uhms’ and ‘ahs’ for a while as she tries to find the word she needs. Dinner time conversation can be pandemonium all the voices are trying to be heard. In order to calm the situation and give each child the chance to share their day’s highlights I had speak to them about good communication.


One morning on our walk to school both kids where jostling to be heard. I said to them ‘communication is when one person is giving information to another’. You can’t hear the information if you are speaking. When one person speak the other person must listen. Since then whenever Angelo tries to interrupt her speaking Valentina says “one person at a time!” It’s hysterical! Angelo hates being told off by his baby sister but he has now learnt to ask ‘excuse’ before speaking. Then there are the times when he forgets or will not listen to her plea but she blanks him. If so funny observing them finding their way learning art of conversation.

Then came the night Hubby and I were chatting. He was giving me advice on something. I must have interjected. Angelo got cross and said I was naughty because I said person to speak at a time. Well that set me straight. I explained that his dad and I were having a conversation. I also got myself tangled in my own explanation and we both lost the plot. I’m becoming like the elders I knew when I was little.  I use fairy tales and fairy tale characters explain things my children, in the hope they will understand the message. Frankly it makes me feel old!

How do you converse with you children? How are you able to give each child their time to be heard?


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