The first time we visited Drusillas Park it was spring 2013. Angelo was a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. He used to ask me to sing him the theme song at bedtime.  We had a wonderful day, but Valentina was only baby. Drusillas Park saw my old blog post about our visit and they kindly offered us tickets to visit to see their new attractions. Valentina could hardly contain her excitement about visiting Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden.  While Angelo fished out his ole Thomas toys the play with. It’s far to say both children were looking forward to our visit and they were not disappointed.  Drusillas Park is exciting educational place that children will find fascinating.



All  Set For Drusillas Park


Along with the tickets, Drusillas kindly sent us: a map, an animal spotter book, a zoolympics challenge booklet, as well as information about upcoming events. Angelo was also looking forward to the Hello Kitty rides. Valentina told him she had seen boys on the rides in the YouTube and assured him he could drive one too.  Angelo’s school mate Miss B joined us as well.

We arrived around 12:30pm. There were no special events carded for the day so it wasn’t crowded.


Drusillas Park Zoolympics


We started at the zoo area. The monkeys, meerkats and cuddly guinea pigs were a favourite. We diligently stamped our animal spotter books at every station.  Taking the zoolympics challenges was a fun way for the kids to let off some steam. They could see how well they matched up to the animals. Angelo and I just about managed to hang like a monkey for 4 seconds!



I think standing on one leg like a Chilean Flamingo was most fun for them. They managed 12 seconds before a leg touched the ground.

Along the zoo area there was information about the animals such as what they eat, original habitat and so on. You could even adopt an animal or make a donation towards their conservation.


Fun And Learning


I allowed the kids to enjoy the zoo their way. However, at certain points I drew their attention the animals colours, how they played, where they came from. For Valentina following the sign prompts, I pointed out letter shapes, made the sounds and showed her the animal it related to. At ages 3 and 5 there is only so much direct learning they will focus on.  Older kids could be introduced to animal conservation.


Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden Drusillas Park


After the zoo we rode on Thomas The Tank Engine, then off to Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden. During the train ride the kids named flowers, numbers and train characters they recognised. It was short pleasant ride to see some of the zoo and play area from a different vantage point. I enjoyed Hello Kitty Secret Garden as much as the kids. In fact, I rode in the Hello Kitty mini car alone.


Hello Kitty Secret Garden

I was going to join the kids for the tea cup ride but Valentina wanted to go with her brother and friend only. She took three rides on the teacup and two in the mini. She was so happy and proud to ‘drive’ her daddy. While Angelo was joined by Miss B in a car of their own.




Face Painting and Adventure Play


After the rides, the girls had their faces painted at Hello Kitty’s beauty parlour. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more Hello Kitty beauty products.


Hello Kitty Beauty Palour


I only spotted mini braid extensions and tattoos. It’s would have been lovely to see items like Hello Kitty nail polish, lip gloss and mini bath products like a real beauty parlour.


The guys went shopping. When we regrouped, the kids ended their day at the play area. The adventure play ground was amazing! Angelo and Miss B played on side that was suitable for 5+. Valentina went with her dad to the section best for under 5s.








There’s also the Get Wet water play area. It will be awesome in the warmer months. It was operational on the day. I saw a few kids braving the chilly breeze to play. Swimwear is required for that area.


Amenities At Drusillas Park


In terms of amenities, it was relief to see clean toilets and baby changing areas well dotted around the compound. However, because Valentina was with her dad, when it she needed the toilet, he had to take her into the men’s toilet near Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden. Consideration should be given to dad’s who maybe on their own and need to do the nappy change or toilet run. Drusillas is totally wheelchair accessible. Read their assess statement.

The grounds seemed to be well looked after, there was staff on hand tidying up throughout the day. Everyone I interacted with were pleasant and helpful.  The rides are not too fast or too high. They are perfect to safely deliver thrill and excitement. From time to time are special appearances which always makes the visit that more special.

FYI: Wi-fi is available in food and drink outlets, and in all play areas.


Up Coming Events At Drusillas Park


For the Bank Holiday weekends in May Hello Kitty will there on 2nd May and 30th May. If your little one is as big a fan of Cbeedies Bing as mine,  then note Bing and Flop will be at Drusillas on 2nd June.  Planning ahead will allow you and your family have the best experience. Check the website for the animal feeding times. Budding Zoo keepers may fancy a Close Encounter experience which allows you to get close up and personal with selected animals.

Drusillas zoo


Visit Drusillas Park website for information on upcoming events.

You can get social and follow Drusillas Twitter  and Facebook.







(Updated 17th June 2020)







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