Sunday was  meant to be my day for to relax. Hubby had been away for a night and a day. I was looking forward to him taking kids out, so I could relax. There’s the constant dilemma, ME TIME vs Family time (all four of us). Tired as I was I buckled. I really wanted to see the kids try out their new scooters. I’m sure it’s not just me, as a mum you never want to miss out on any of your child’s first anything. Hubby said he’d take them to Box Hill! And I’ve been wanting to visit for some time now. Box Hill in the North Surrey Downs is a wondrous place.


Box Hill North Surrey Downs

Usually, I do the research and planning for our family outings. Hubby does the snack buying and the driving. Needless to say, we were totally unprepared for our trip to Box Hill. I wasn’t meant to go. He didn’t do any research. So, with unsuitable foot-wear and clothing we rocked to Box Hill.


Natural Play Trail

On account of the heat and tiredness we took the advice from more experienced visitors and opted to do the natural play trail with the kids. I confess we didn’t even do all of it but we saw enough to be totally wowed by our visit.  

Valentina enjoyed her rid one her dad’s back. She could not be swayed to run around on the grass. Angelo enjoyed the forested parts. He is a fan of the Gruffalo story and the natural play trail is ideal to stir little one’s imagination. It also encourages  them explore the terrain and really use their limbs: climbing, balancing and so on.



Box Hill Fort

I was amazed to learn that there was a fort at Box Hill once! You know me I love my forts and castles. I aim to educate myself before our return, I want to enjoy every facet of the place. I have to say though, the view from Salomons Memorial  is breath taking. You can see for miles. Here are a few snaps from our brief afternoon trip.


Finally Thoughts On Our Visit To Box Hill North Surrey Downs

What’s your recommendation for parents like myself with small kids? What was the best bit of your visit? But if like me you’ve not been before, don’t be caught out.

Have you ever visited Box Hill? If not you should. Visit the National Trust website for more details and plan your trip. Do let me know how you get on.

I’m linking this post to the Country Kids from Coombe Mill blog hop. For more outdoor trip inspiration, come on over, take a look. I will also link up with Mondays Parenting Pin-It Party.



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