When Valentina was born, her big bro Angelo was there. When my contractions kicked off, I soon realized it was on and there was no time for anyone to get to us time to look after him. So Angelo was upfront and in the mix when Valentina popped out.  If ever there was a child who wouldn’t need to ask were to babies come from, it my boy. Thankfully, he’s so little in a few years the memory will be gone. Oh! The wonder and amazement in his eyes was hard to miss, even I could see it through my tiredness, pain and gas and air haze. Then sibling relations went downhill quick time.

Dressing for Xmas


After the first flush of meeting his sister, Angelo became annoyed by her presence. Mercifully due the support that I’ve been getting from Family Focus, there has been a breakthrough. Sure her crying annoys him from time to time, of course he still get jealous but I’ll you something, the moment she isn’t around he misses her. As soon as he wakes in the morning he goes to find her.

Story time


He likes to “read to baby” and he likes to “make baby sister comfy cosy” and he’ll ask to “cuddle the baby”. Recently, he said the sweetest things to her when she was crying and I was making her formula. He said “Is Angelo, calm down calm down, making a milk, making a milk”, all the while gently stroking her tummy. Wouldn’t that just melt your heart…




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