We’ve been visiting Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead for the past six years.  Lil Vallie was only a bump back then. It’s become part of our summer family time rituals.  Walking along the lavender lanes, the view was breath-taking.  The fragrance was at once heady and comforting.  During our recent visit, I told hubby it’s wonderful to see how they offer something new every year. Now, that’s good business. I use it in many aspects of our day to day life. Here are my 6 ways to enjoy lavender

When I was younger I thought that lavender was a fragrance for a lady of a certain age. However, I think when you smell pure organic lavender there is nothing ageing about it. Jojo and Vallie love the smell as much as I do. Best of all, on the field we can go on minibeast hunts.


Caution: if you are pregnant and/or making a change to your lifestyle check with you GP first.


Bath Time


Lavender in the bath is a soothing way to wind down the day. I love to put a few drops in the kids’ bath water. Valentina has eczema but it’s good for eczema because it eases irritation.


Scalp Care


When decided to stop chemically processing my hair 7 years ago, I enjoyed experimenting and mixing small lotions and potions. I love lavender in my homemade hair butters, hair conditioner and hair oils too. Its helps prevent itchy scalp, dandruff and head lice.




What’s your favourite carrier oil? I find it hard to choose so my top three are: coconut, avocado, jojoba oil. Mixed with a few drops of the essential oil and it makes calming massage oil.  You could even have lavender scented candles breath, relax; repeat.


Foot Soak   


On any given day our feet take a pounding. If you are a commuter like me, by the end of the day’s hustle they ache. Add a few drops to warm water and soak your feet for 20 mins. Got the time? Have a DIY pedi.


Tea Time


It’s is an acquired taste but I enjoy lavender tea with a side of biscuits as part of my 15 mins of me time.  It’s also super yummy in cupcakes, fudge, and shortbread. I’m not baker so I usually stock up when we visit Mayfield Lavender. On a hot summer’s day, you can skip the tea and have e a lemonade infused with lavender.


Sleep Aid


Life is busy and fast paced and sometimes it’s tricky to unwind and drift off into peaceful sleep. I find a lavender scented pillow spray or simply a few drops of the essential oil on the pillow makes a world of difference… zzzzzz


Love or loathe how do you feel about lavender?

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