As much as I enjoy nature and going for walks in the woods, I’m more of a glamper than a camper. Some years ago I my kids and I joined friends to camp for one night and that nearly put my back out. Fun as it was, I’m happy to stick with glamping. This summer camping sights are popping up all over the UK to meet the demand for those of us who are staying local for the summer break. Here are six locations that are great for a camping getaway, summer 2021.


The Year of Staycations

In 2019, tourism accounted for 2.6 million jobs. Due to the global the pandemic Covid-19, in 2020 more people began venturing into wooded areas. Now UK is slowly opening up and there’s a travel green travel list  not all destinations on the list match the UK ‘s arrangement. Be sure to check the entry regulations for the country you wish to visit. For those us staying within coastal and wooded destinations are top of the list. New camping sites are popping up across the country.

For two months of the year, businesses can change the service the offer. For example, manor houses with land and farms can offer camping sites. One such establishment is the Highcliffe Farm. The owner Olivia Grafton decided to open up o campers this summer  . It’s a family-run Derbyshire site on a working farm but this summer they have allocated part of their lands for campers.

Websites like Pitch Up features campsite, caravan park or glamping locations in the UK (and across the globe). The site also includes information on local bike info, walking routes, pubs and nearby events.



According to the report Pitching the ‘Value: 2019 Economic Benefit Report: Holiday Parks and Campsites holiday parks and campsites generate £9.3bn in visitor expenditure. The contribution to the UK economy is £5.3bn Gross Value Added (GVA). In terms of campsites, the local economy benefits, from the pubs to the producers. The average spend per person is £46 off campsite.

2021 will be a good year for camping and the economy. Although there is the challenge of the hospitality industry having sufficient workers for the season.

Den Building

Popular Camping Locations


You’re spoilt for choice in the UK when it comes to camping. Every destination has it’s own charm. 6 of the best camping locations in the UK for families are

We have never camped as a family but we have glamped once in Berkshire . However, by now you must know that Pembrokeshire (for the seaside) and Gloucestershire (for the woods) have a special place on our hearts.



What are you plans for the Summer? If you have booked a camping getaway, where are you going? Why did you choose that particular destination?

If you are a seaonsed camper, what’s in your camping kit? Do share you tips. I would love to hear from you.

Please comment below.


(updated 18th October 2021)


Feature photo credit: Mac DeStroir from Pexels



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