After two months of being a dedicated gym member, I’ve lost 9 lbs! I’m thrilled. I’m on track to lose my 20 lbs by Christmas 2015. I’ve been posting photos of some of my meals on Instagram and Facebook. If you follow me, you will notice it’s not ‘diet food’ per say. I simply have smaller portions of food with more salad and fruit. However, I’ve been asked how I manage my hunger, while dieting and trying to lose weight. I’ve never gone down the route of taking appetite suppressants because I was not eating due to hunger. I ate for comfort. I needed to adjust my mind-set and find things to lift my mood. Returning to the gym after nearly 5 years break has helped me to have a positive outlook on life. I realise the gym isn’t for everyone. The idea is do something you love that gets you moving that will allow you to burn the excess calories you take in. You can join a dance class, rowing club, play football in the park or go on regular brisk walks. Here I’ll share a few tips that worked for me when I did have the odd hunger pang.

After a long period of overeating for not eating healthy, it will take your tummy time to adjust to your new healthy regime. My top 5 ways to curb hunger are:

  • Drink lots of water, and definitely drink one glass before a meal or snack
  • ALWAYS have filling a breakfast, coffee doesn’t count. If you are the run make yourself a smoothie the night (or first thing in the morning) and include an ingredient like oats to make it more filling. If you have a few minutes porridge or Greek yoghurt topped with fruits is an ease option 2-5 mins to prepare.

hunger pang snack

  • Go for snacks that are filling, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (e.g. peanut butter and rye bread, yogurt with granola, mixed dried fruit and nuts
  • Keep busy (sometimes eating fills the boredom) here’s where the gym comes in handy
  • Focus one chewing, enjoy the meal experience. Eat slowly and including hard crunchy bits in salads and snacks will be a big help here.

Have you pushed past the hunger pang stage of your diet, what worked best for you? Did you have any specific craving? And how did you combat it. I’d love to hear from you.


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