We all experience feeling on anxiety at some point in our lives. It could be jitters before a big life event; exam, marriage, back to school, new job. It soon fades. While for some of us, it’s a reoccurring feeling and the trigger is unknown. The feeling may start in the tummy, makes it way up to the chest causing the heart beat to quicken, up to shoulders, and then to head where tension builds. In severe cases it’s a daily occurrence which is known as generalised anxiety disorder. Over the years, I’ve found coping mechanisms when the feeling comes on unexpectedly. I’d like to share my methods of coping with anxiety.


Keep Fit Feel Great

During times of anxiety exercise helps to release the tension. I’m likely to attend a Zumba class. The music is like an injection of sunshine. Alternatively, I’d go swimming. In fact, swimming would be my top choice but I can’t always make it to the pool. The moment my body is submerged in the water I feel at peace.


Fragrances And Coping With Anxiety

I don’t wear perfume daily, that’s for when I’m going out out. My favourite scent at the moment is River Islands’ Sky Gazing for day time. It reminds me of blue sky and aqua seas. In terms of my personal care products, I go for soothing or uplifting fragrances: lavender, ginger, citrus, damask rose, Ylang ylang or Geranium. They are well known for their healing properties in aromatherapy. My favourite cream is Skin Food. It’s a rich organic botanical cream which I use on my face, hand and lips. The fragrance is soothing to me. I keep a tube in my handbag and that helps me cope with anxiety on the go

At home, when cleaning I tend to use cleaning aids with one of the scent’s mentioned above. Then to relax, light a candle; geranium is one of my faves for this.


When I first started attending blog events a friend recommended Nelson’s Rescue Remedy to me. It’s a homeopath essence which I pick it up from Holland & Barrett.  Since then, I’ve always had a bottle at home just in case. It’s just the ticket  when I have a meeting or exam.


Mindulful Colouring 

Sometimes, getting creative is a big help. Giving my hand and mind something else to focus on makes me calm. It’s more enjoyable than hysterically doing dishes or cleaning the bathroom and just as rewarding. I have a colouring book that I’m making my way through, I Love My Hair by Andre Pippins. I like using colour pencils and watercolours.

I’ve not tried art journalling or calligraphy but I think they would be just as therapeutic. Coping with anxiety is a matter of channelling the energies into to a positive activity or expression and as a result the mind will be soothed.


Music To Relax Your Mind

Music you can take wherever you go. In fact you can use music alongside all of the above. I prefer not to listen to anything when I’m commuting but indoors my three choices are Chinese pan flute, the sound of the sea or raindrops. Being close to nature is calming for me those and those sounds tap in to that experience.


Those are my top five for coping with anxiety. What works for you when you feel anxious? If you have a top tip, please comment below. I would love to hear from you.


(updated 21st May 2020)

(Updated August 2022)




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