Let’s be real sometimes, it’s hard to have a moment ourselves never mind trying to spend time with another person. Nonetheless, it’s a must when you are part of a married couple.  Time together is vital to stay connected. I’ll admit it was not always easy for Hubby and me when the children were much younger. We didn’t have the funds to go on regular dates because we had to factor in the cost of childcare. During first three years of parenthood, time alone was like diamond dust. Now the children are older, we can be creative about how we spend time together. Let me share with you five ways to stay connected to in married life. Midweek dates Spice up married life; why not make the most of the 6 hours the children are at school? Book a day off for a mid-week date. The benefit to midweek dates are; the kids don’t need to know, there are more affordable meals and experiences AND the venues are likely to be less crowded. Best of all, zero child care cost.


Day time texting need not be only about grocery shopping and ‘To Do Lists’. At first, I didn’t get it when Hubby sent me texts during the day, now I do. It’s always been his way of staying in the loop about what was happening at home. He’s even got me onto Bitmoji! We send each other little funny notes during the day.


A walks in the park

When the children have outdoor play-dates it’s an excellent opportunity for parents to tag team and have a few minutes away. Now, I don’t mean dumping the children wandering off for 2-3 hours. I mean taking 20 to have a moment together; take a walk, jump on an amusement ride together or simply enjoy shared silence with a drink. Once you return to the group, the other couple can go off. Consider it a power date.

Snacks and Convo

Frankly, it’s not a pastime that’s good for your waistline if you indulge on a regular basis, but nighttime  snacks and conversation are a treat. Hubby and I love our snacks. You can probably tell by our waistlines. I’m condoning an unhealthy lifestyle but a little cheeky treat with your loved one should be OK from time to time. Once the kids fall asleep, we like to little mice. We pull out the snacks and watch a film (which is sometime preceded by a candlelight bath for one of us).

Joint hobby

I love the idea of a joint hobby for couples. I’d love to do a Salsa class with hubby but he doesn’t like to dance. However, if you are couple who have a shared interest why not let that be the thing you do together?

What clever ways do you stay connected to your partner? How do you keep married life fun?  Share your tips with us below.



(Updated 10th May 2020)


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