It may surprise you to know, I’m a glasses wearer. I wear glasses to read and with the joy of joys of maturing, every year I need a stronger prescription. I would say that I have almond shaped eyes but I’m also prone to under eye dark circles. Insneezia and crap sleep make dark circles the bugbear of my life and it was one of the reasons I began wearing makeup in my 30’s.  Recently, I went to my local Urban Decay counter in Debenhams Sutton for a makeover.  I had a networking event to attend and I wanted to look my best. While, being done-up by MUA Nicole Price I asked her for some eye makeup tips for glasses wearers, here are my top 3.


Eye Makeup Looks


Though it’s a sexy look, I’ve always been scared of smokey eye makeup. I was worried that the dark circles under my eye would age me.  Even though corrector and concealer are my friends, it turns out it’s not a makeup look best suited to glasses wearers anyway, but I do love a bold eye look.

I got my tips first hand from MUA, Nicole Price.





Apply eyeshadow primer to the area where the glasses sits, this allow the foundation to last longer


Use Your Lens Shape As A Guide


Avoid smokey eye looks because the lens may make the eyes look smaller; work towards balancing out the area based on the type of lenses used and how it makes your eyes appear



Applying Neutral Tones


Stick to neutral tones, the darker of the shades should be applied to the outer eye



Statement Eye Makeup


I usually go for bright colours around my eyes. Nicole created a statement eye for me inspired by this year’s pantone colour, Living Coral. I loved it. I never would have thought to use a bright coloured eye liner. Definitely a look I would try to recreate, again.

Are you a glasses wearer? Do you love makeup? What’s your go to look? OR how door turn it up for the evening? What product can’t you do without?


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(updated 6th June 2020)





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