Cardboard boxes rescued from rubbish removal bins can be turned into wonderful Christmas gifts. Your family will love these because you make them yourself and they’ll know they are environmentally friendly. You’ll also be able to really personalize them for your recipient(s) to make it the perfect gift that no money could buy!



How To Make Your Rubbish Removal Boxes Stronger


While you’ll want to select strong boxes for your projects, there are several nifty ways to make your boxes even stronger. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Put one box inside another box to make a “double layer” box. This will increase your boxes’ strength many times over! With thin to medium thickness boxes, you can use boxes of the same exact size. It may take a bit of manipulation to get one inside the other but it CAN be done! For thicker boxes, you may need to find one box that is slightly smaller than the other for this trick to work.


  • Use paper towel rolls as vertical supports in the corners and along the edges of the inside of your cardboard boxes. This will strengthen the boxes and allow you to put more weight in or on them. You can also fold one cardboard roll into another to make these “strength pillars” even stronger. The cardboard rolls inside Christmas gift wrapping paper is a source of super strong pillars.


  • Palette corners can be used on the corners and edges of your boxes. These can be bought online, or better yet, you can salvage them from rubbish removal bins at businesses that receive palettes of heavy or fragile items. Palette corners make your boxes so strong, they would easily hold heavy books or tools. They’d even be strong enough to make furniture!


  • Use while glue to reinforce any seams. You can also cut out thick cardboard pieces from other boxes and glue them on to your primary boxes to reinforce them. White glue works really well on porous cardboard so you don’t need superglue.

Making Christmas Gifts


Okay, now let’s look at three amazing Christmas gifts you can make from boxes rescued from rubbish clearance bins!

  • Organizational Shelves-  This is actually a “catch all” category as it is the perfect Christmas gift for almost anyone! The kids can use organizational shelves for an easy way to put away and access their toys. They also make great closest organizers. They’re perfect for a home office or a den to keep things neat and tidy. They make great organizers for a food pantry or a hobby room too! You can even make organizational shelves from rubbish removal boxes to organize your your recycling! While it’s often difficult to find pre-made wooden or plastic shelves to fit into the space you need, it’s actually quite easy to locate good sturdy boxes that you can put together in a modular design to fit into any space. You can also put smaller boxes together with larger boxes to create different sized shelves and cubby holes to store items of different sizes. Once you have assembled the boxes in the modular design that works for your purpose, it’s time to decorate! You can paint the boxes solid colors or you can get more creative. Another option is to paint the shelves all white (or another light color) and then stencil in decorative figures or lettering. If you’re making shelves for the kids, you may want to wait and let them help color in the stencils with you. Spending the afternoon on a fun project with the kids can be part of the gift!


  • Television Stand For Modern Televisions-  People use to have large, super sturdy and super heavy, “entertainment centers” for their heavy televisions, VCRS, and other old equipment. However, the new modern digital televisions are getting lighter every year and so is the other associated equipment like TiVos and speakers. You also see people complaining about their new television not fitting into their old entertainment center. Unfortunately, this is why a lot of those big old entertainment centers, often made from particle board, were thrown into rubbish removal and then ended up in our landfills! With cardboard boxes, you can make a modular television stand that you can easily re-organize if you get a different size television or other new equipment. You can also easily add to your television stand by simply adding more boxes as your equipment and or digital entertainment grows. With cardboard boxes, it’s also very easy to cut holes exactly where you want them in the back for your electrical cords.


  • Cat House For Your Favorite Feline(s)-  Your cat will love you for this! Cats love to climb and many of them relish the idea of surveying the room from the highest perch. If the dog is jealous of the cat for getting such a fine Christmas gift, you can make him or her a nice indoor dog house “retreat” from cardboard boxes, no cats allowed :-)Stack the boxes in a way that creates “stairways” to the top perch or perches. Add at least one “hide-away” for your cat, with a partial opening to the front or a top opening so they can hide but still peep out at you in their curious fashion. Add extra padding on the perch and in the hide-away for napping. You can put old carpet and or sisal rope on parts of the cat house for your cat to scratch to her delight. You may also want to paint some of the boxes, cover the boxes with patches of old clothing or other textiles, glue pictures of your cat with your family, or apply other decorations. Personalize it for both the cat and for the family. You may also want to hunt in the rubbish removal bins for other fun objects to add to your cat house such as large cylinders for your cat to explore.
Clearabee, an on demand rubbish removal company, likes to hear about and share projects that keep rubbish out of landfills. So, please tweet photos of your cardboard box Christmas gifts at their Twitter feed and spread the holiday cheer!


This is a sponsored guest post, the feature image and copy were provided by Perennial Relations


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